Jul 3, 2012

We're Not Having a Baby....We're Having Two!

We previously we announced that we were expanding by two feet.

Well, we aren't so good at math, because we just learned:

Yep it's 2wins!

Today we had our first ultrasound and found out that we have two little ones growing in there!  At the ultrasound we could see two gestational sacs and two yolk sacs.  One of the little ones had an obvious heartbeat (at this point it is too early to hear a heartbeat, but you could see him/her flickering).  The other might have had one, but he/she was hiding on the edge of the gestational sac and harder to see.  They are both measuring right on track.  We go back next week for another round of ultrasounds and should be able to see a bit more.

A Summary:

Little One Left
Little One Right
Gestational Sac
13.2mm (5w1d)
14.5mm (5w2d)
Yolk Sac
3.7mm (6w0d)
3.5mm (6w0d)

Our babies second photoshoot (recall the first is here):

We also learned at the appointment that my Gatorade consumption is going to stay high. My ovaries are still really enlarged. In fact, they are HUGE. Silly OHSS! I thought it was going away...


  1. That's so awesome! Continuing to pray for a healthy pregnancy and babies!

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