Jul 12, 2012

Week 8

Marination Time:

Baby Size:
The Bump says that over the course of week 8 the babies will grow to be raspberries while BabyCenter compares the size to a lentil.  At our measurement on 6w6d both babies measured right on track! They completed the week 7 milestone of blueberries like little champs.

Little One Bottom Left
Little One Top Right
0.98cm (7w0d)
1.00cm (7w1d)

Baby Milestones:
This week the babies are developing little webbed fingers and toes and moving their arms and legs around like crazy.  They will also lose their "tails" this week.  The lungs will begin to develop, as well as the neural pathways. 

Weight Gain:
Weight Journey Depicted Mathematically:
happy weight + 24lbs from IF + 21 lbs from OHSS - 8 from OHSS getting better + 9.5lbs from OHSS getting worse again

Sore boobs. Constantly queasy. Nausea 5-6 times a day. Lightheaded/Dizzy. Aching stomach. Sharp pains in left ovary region. Exhausted.

How I'm Changing:
No changes from last week.

What I'm Eating:
Still guzzling the Gatorade. Seriously Gatorade.  Constantly. I am really liking avocados.  Especially Casey's guacamole (which he is being a real trooper about and making me lots of!).  I am supposed ot be eating heavy protein so my diet consists of peanut butter toast, guacamole, and fish.  I can't handle the smell of chicken.

OHSS. Drinking Gatorade.  Feeling like a wuss (but my doctor and his nurses made me feel better - love that office!)

I sleep from 10-4:30 and then from 6:30-9:00 and normally nap at some point during the day (some of this might be because of bed rest though).

Energy.  I miss being able to work out and do errands and run around.  I am on bed rest and just so exhausted!

Belly Button Watch:

What I'm most excited about:
We saw two heart beats yesterday!  Our risk of Vanishing Twin Syndrome drops dramatically after seeing both heartbeats (although with twins not ever actually out of the woods).  We also saw the babies again! 

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  1. Thank you for the update. I've been checking in and was glad to see you'd seen both heartbeats! Hang in there. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks! Seeing two little flickering heartbeats was truly amazing! Just a few more weeks and we'll get to hear them!