Jul 5, 2012

Week 7

Marination Time:

Baby Size:
The Bump and BabyCenter both agree that the babies are about the size of a blueberry (.5 inch). We'll see on Wednesday how close they are to that!

Baby Milestones:
The babies development this week will focus on the brain and the heart.  They will generate about 100 new brain cells a minute over this week!  They will also continue to develop a heart and cardiac system (which we will hopefully see on Wednesday!) They will also develop kidneys and joints in their arms and legs this week.

Weight Gain:
Weight Journey: On day of retrieval I was up 24lbs from my "happy weight" as a result of all of the infertility medications and treatments over the previous months. At the height of OHSS I was up 21lbs from my retrieval weight. I am now down 8 from that crazy heavy number. Depicted mathematically: happy weight + 24lbs from IF + 21 lbs from OHSS - 8 = WAY TOO BIG. But I should just get used to it. The number on the scale is only going to get bigger.

Same as last week: Sore boobs. Constantly queasy. Nausea 3-5 times a day.
Add: Lightheaded/Dizzy

How I'm Changing:
No changes from last week.

What I'm Eating:
Still guzzling the Gatorade. Still think I'm hungry only to not actually eat when I see food. I've started having smell aversions to food. Thank goodness Casey is going out with a client tonight - I can just eat a bowl of cereal and not have to smell cooking food!

OHSS. Drinking Gatorade. Round Ligament Pain.
Round ligament pain is the stretching of the uterus to make space so the babies can grow. Every twinge and cramp makes me think something must be wrong.

I just still can't wrap my infertility affected brain around the idea that I am pregnant, especially with two. I keep hearing our first RE refuse to do IVF for us unless we used donor eggs and giving us a less than 5% chance of success. This voice in my head is giving me so many doubts that I will be able to carry these babies to term. I really hate that I have allowed him to affect me so much! I don't want him to have that amount of power over me.

Exhausted! I could easily stay in bed all day! I could nap on and off, read a book, watch a movie, and be perfectly content. I am so so tired! Growing people is exhausting. I tried explaining this to Casey yesterday:
Me: I'm so tired. I really can't believe how tired I am. But its. pretty cool that I grow people.
Casey: They aren't people. They're babies.

Nothing yet. Although I do really enjoy smelling Casey's wine glass.

Belly Button Watch:
Innie. Not worried about this happening yet - this should stay innie for a while!

What I'm most excited about:
This week we will (hopefully) get to hear our babies heartbeats! I am planning to bring tissues to the appointment.

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  1. I just found your blog. I'm not that much behind you. We just got our official results yesterday right after they drained 4 liters of fluid out of my belly from my late onset of OHSS. It was one of the reasons I did a pee test early. It felt so good to get that fluid out, but sadly, I'm filling right back up. I keep telling my hubby that I'm going to have to go to the juicing room like violet from willy wonka. Anyway, congratulations on the twins and thanks for sharing your journey. Hope the OHSS goes down because I totally understand how it feels and it's horrible.

  2. I am so sorry you are dealing with OHSS - it really is the worst! Congrats though -- I'm still dealing with the OHSS but after seeing heartbeats yesterday I have no doubt it is all worth it!