Jul 3, 2012

Week 6

Marination Time:
I might have waited until THE very end of my fifth week of pregnancy to decide I was going to jump on the weekly preggo update train. But, I made it in under the wire!

Baby Size:
The Bump says baby is the size of a Sweet Pea and approximately .25 inches. BabyCenter puts the size about that of a lentil. I guess I can't keep calling the baby Poppy (last week they both said poppy seed). One other reason I can't keep calling the baby Poppy: we have 2wins! At our first ultrasound today, our babies measured .15 inches. The doctor said that 3.5 and 3.7mm ages both babies at 6w0d so I'm not really sure what they are talking about with their .25 inch measurement for week 6.

Baby Milestones:
This week the babies are going to grow. A lot. They will also start circulating blood, so we will hopefully have detectable heart beats in both babies at this weeks ultrasound. This week they will stop looking like tadpoles and develop a nose, eyes, ears, chin, and even some (paddle-like) hands and feet.

Weight Gain:
I was up 21 lbs from OHSS, but have since started losing some of the OHSS weight. I am currently up 15 lbs. Still WAY to much weight. But I guess it's water weight. So maybe not as bad. Except I still look huge.

Sore boobs. Constantly queasy. Nausea 3-5 times a day.

How I'm Changing:
Boobs are already getting bigger. I have a bump (see picture here), but it is from OHSS not from baby.

What I'm Eating:
No cravings at all. So nauseous and queasy. I feel hungry all the time. I think I am going to eat A TON. And then I eat a few bites. And I feel queasy. And I'm done. I've been thinking about spicy foods and sweet foods. No interest in meat at all. I also drink a minimum of 100oz of Gatorade a day. I don't like Gatorade. I've never been a Gatorade drinker. But now I force myself to drink it. I think the forced drinking is part of why I'm not eating - my stomach can only hold so much!

OHSS. Seriously - it is miserable. I hope none of you reading this ever experience this.

The OHSS is starting to resolve (yay!) but this means that I am starting to (TMI alert) pee in amounts commiserate with my drinking. I'm up every 2-2.5 hours going to the restroom. I'm not sleeping well at all and I am exhausted! I can take a three hour nap in the afternoon and then still go to bed at 9 and stay in bed until 8.

Right now I am just so excited about our babies (OMG I said babies) that I can't even think about missing anything. I'm sure at some point I'll miss margaritas and wine and lunch meat, but for right now I am just too grateful to miss anything!

Belly Button Watch:
I am really grossed out by outie belly buttons so I'm really hoping I stay an innie! With two babies growing inside of me, I doubt it!

What I'm most excited about:
This week (today actually) we found out we are having twins! I don't know that it is possible to be more excited than that! I'm looking forward to next weeks ultrasound where we MIGHT be able to hear heartbeats.

Something I've done to prepare for baby:
I am taking a prenatal vitamin, extra folic acid, progesterone, estrogen, vitamin D, and baby aspirin (all under doctors care) helping make my body the perfect little home for the little ones for the next 8 months. They are all snuggled in, so it seems to be working so far!

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