Jul 26, 2012

Quick Update

We had an appointment with the doctor yesterday at 8w6d and wanted to update y'all. 

Both babies look great!  Baby A (on the bottom left) was hiding behind Baby B and hard to see, but measured great at 2.31cm (9w0d) and was wriggling around and moving for us.  Sadly, because of Baby As position, their wasn't much resemblance to a baby.  On the other hand, Baby B (the baby on the top right) was stationed front and center, posing for pictures, and hamming it up on camera.  Lots of movement! On the big screens at the office it was obvious you were looking at a little human.  Baby B measured 2.46cm (9w1d). At our next RE appointment at 10w

There is still free fluid in my abdomen and my ovaries are still huge and have ginormous cysts inside of them.  The OHSS hasn't left yet.  Darn.

The hematoma is still there.  They didn't give a comparison to last weeks size, just said it was big. The SCH hasn't left yet. Darn.

For both of these things, I am still on modified bed rest.  (Key word modified, thank goodness! I'm not very good at bed rest and full bed rest would really be a struggle for me.)

BUT we got permission to travel. 

SO I'll be on modified "beach chair rest." 

It sounds so much more relaxing that way!  I was told I should be okay to walk a bit on the beach, certainly to walk to a lounge chair, and to enjoy the trip as long as I was careful not to overdo it or let my core temperature elevate.  Their solution for core temperature? Go in the water!  This might actually be good for the SCH since it will take the pressure off of my body.  It will also be good for OHSS because I need to be getting enough movement to limit my risk of blood clots.

I don't know if I'll be posting much from Florida.  I might throw a few photos up!  We'll see. 

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