Jul 12, 2012

My Heart Right Now

My prayer list right now is really long and while I won't walk you through all them, I wanted to draw y'alls attention to a few:

  • The Childress/Gilstrap family is in need of prayers for their premature twins, Drake and Kennedy. They were born 25w6d and are both little fighters. Kennedy is doing well but Drake is certainly being propped up by God's own hand and our prayers. Please check out www.drakeandkennedy.blogspot.com and consider being prayer warriors for these adorable babies.

  • My BFF Liz gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Tuesday night.  I can't wait to meet Royce Grindle Brown and just squeeze him! Isn't he just the cutest!

  • My brother and sister-in-law are going through some hard times with her parents right now.  It isn't my tale to share but please keep their family in your prayers.

  • A sweet friend is going through a divorce.  I truly love her and admire her and cannot believe the strength she is showing through this process.  Her and her soon-to-be-ex are currently keeping this civil and both working on the best solution for their children.  Hopefully they have the strength to keep it that way.

  • An amazing guy who is truly a Christian role model to so many of the kids at our church is leaving for medical school in two weeks.  We are so excited for him, but he is really going to be missed.

  • My husband's uncle passed away a few weeks ago.  It is truly a hard thing to lose a close family member so continued prayers for my Mark's wife and son, his mother, and his brothers, including my father-in-law.

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