Jul 19, 2012

My Ears

Today has been quite the day. I woke up this morning with an ear ache a very low grade fever. I decided that even though the fever wasn't bad, I have enough medical issues (ohss and sch) and I needed to see someone, if nothing else for my own peace of mind.

But, finding someone who would see me was much more difficult!

I tried my primary care doctor, but his practice does not prescribe medications to pregnant women. They basically told me they'd see me in nine months.

I tried my reproductive endocrinologist, but they aren't equipped to deal with general health issues. They don't have ear probes and other necessary tools.

I tried my OB/GYN, but they originally told me no because I wasn't an existing pregnant patient. I've been seeing the same doc since I was 18, I'm not exactly a new patient! I eventually convinced the nurse at my OB/GYN that I had no other options and they squeezed me in with a nurse practitioner.

It turns out my eustachian tube and lymph nodes are both inflamed and swollen, causing my pain. I am now taking an antibiotic to fight the infection and using ice packs to help with the inflammation and pain. The CNP also wanted to put me on a decongestant but due to my elevated blood pressure that isn't an option.

My poor body is really working overtime right now! I'm making two placentas, supporting two babies, attempting to clear the remaining fluid from my abdomen, trying to shrink my ovarian cysts, working to reabsorbs the subcutaneous hemorrhage in my uterus, and fighting an infection in my ear. Wowsers! No wonder I'm so tired!

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  1. See if they will prescribe you some Rhinocort. When I was pregnant, I got what they call "rhinitis of pregnancy." Got really stopped up and ended up with sinus issues and even ran a fever, which freaked me out. Now, I use Rhinocort for everyday issues so that in the event I do get pregnant it is an okay medication to use. It is a pregnancy category B.