Jul 12, 2012

Back on Bed Rest: OHSS and SCH

I know I haven't posted at all this week, but their has been a lot on my heart and mind. i am going to split this into three posts:
1) This one - an update on my medical issues (doctors appointment on Tuesday and a few notes from my Wednesday appointment)
2) My Heart Right Now: my current prayer list and things on my heart
3) Week 8 Update including our latest sonogram

Starting with an update on me:

I spent most of the weekend in bed feeling really awful. By Monday morning, I felt like a real wuss. Millions of women before me have survived pregnancy, morning sickness, and the discomfort of pregnancy but I was feeling so bad I could barely walk to get out of bed. Over the weekend I gained 9.5lbs, giving me back all of the fluid weight I had lost the weekend before. My stomach was really large and I felt awful.

At this point I was in tears from the frustration! I had been dreaming of being pregnant and having a baby for years. I finally am and I can't enjoy it all because I feel so sick.

On Monday, my Mom and Casey both convinced me that I needed to contact the doctor. I was too chicken to call because I just didn't know if I could emotionally handle being told that I have OHSS and to drink more Gatorade and wait it out, so I sent an email. I got a call back and I was told to go on bed rest for the rest of the day and come in the next morning for labs and to check my progress.

On Tuesday, I went in and they drew blood. My hematocrit (a measure of blood volume) level is at the very high end of acceptable, just below the level where they are concerned and hospitalize. Yay! I also was able to speak with the nurse and doctor for a while about my symptoms and how I am feeling.

They reassured me A LOT!

People keep telling me their own personal morning sickness cures and and such and it feels so frustrating because none of them are helping. It was explained to me that I don't have morning sickness. I am nauseous from the OHSS and the pressure and fluid in my abdomen. The doctor told me I need to stop looking at "normal" pregnancies as a comparison because OHSS is a serious medical condition with side effects far beyond what most pregnancies experience. He made me feel like less of a wuss for how I was feeling!

He also reassured me that if I am keeping one protein rich meal down a day, the babies and I are all getting enough nutrients. Between the sodium and electrolytes in my proscribed 100-150oz of Gatorade and the peanut butter on my toast in the mornings, I'm doing okay. Another huge relief!

Due to the deterioration of my condition, I was put on (very relaxed) bed rest. Basically they want me in bed most of the time. no strenuous activity. No elevating my heart rate at all. No lifting. No fast movements (like I could). But I'm not on complete bed rest because I need to walk some to keep up my circulation. Blood clots are a complication of OHSS so I need to move around enough to keep the blood flowing.

At this appointment they offered to go ahead and do my ultrasound and see the babies instead of waiting until Wednesday. As a candidate for wife of the year, I declined because I knew Casey was excited about heart beats and wanted to be there (seriously, how great is my husband that he wants to be at all of the ultrasounds every week!).

The next day, we went back to see the babies (more on that here) and they also checked out my ovaries. At my last appointment, I thought they said my ovaries were 11cm which is still HUGE (a normal ovary is the size of a walnut) but smaller than they had been. I knew the OHSS wasn't gone, but it had been getting better and so 11cm seemed believable. I heard wrong. The cysts inside my ovaries (I have at least four of them) are measuring about 11cm. They didn't measure the size of the ovary, but it took up almost the entire sonogram screen!

The ultrasound also revealed a "bloody mass" inside my uterus. This is called a subchronic hematoma or SCH and can be pretty common in early pregnancy.  I was hoping to post a picture of it, but none of the photos they gave us show this well (probably a good thing - why remember the bad parts). So far, the bleeding is all internal (thank goodness - I'd be an emotional disaster if it was coming out!) so we can pray that it just reabsorbs into the uterine lining. The nurse doing the ultrasound remarked that it was just one more reason to be on bed rest this week. Bleeding can be very serious, but I'm hoping that a week at home will protect my babies!

So until I go back to the doctor on Tuesday, you can find me hanging out at home drinking 100-150oz of Gatorade a day, eating protein, and enjoying my DVR!

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