Jun 14, 2012

2dp5dt: Useless on Bed Rest: Hail, Shattered Glass, and a Pantry Bug Infestation

They say when it rains I pours, but here in Dallas it hails!

Yesterday when I posted, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. The progesterone is making me sick and making me crazy. I thought it was the worst part of bed rest.

It isn't. The worst part is feeling useless.

Last night we had baseball sized hail that cracked all six skylights in our house! On three skylights it only cracked the outer cover of the skylight, but on the other three the hail went all the way through both skylight layers and right on into our house.

It happened just a bit after six while Casey was trying to cook dinner. Poor Casey was running around the house moving rugs, moving furniture (including moving the pool table by himself - strong man!), placing trashcans and pots to hold water, all while trying to cook dinner. He got the water/shattered glass situation under control and returned to dinner prep.

Then, he found pantry bugs in the macaroni noodles (Seriously?!? Now?!? Apparently I now have plans for my first day off bed rest - cleaning out the pantry!) and left the fish in the oven until it dried out while he was on the phone with the adjuster and the roofer. We decided it was a pizza night (Dallas folks - if you don't know about the Papa John's rangers7 code you are missing out!).

It gets worse.

When Casey walked out to his car to go pick up pizzas, the windshield was smashed through and it looks like someone beat it with a hammer. Apparently we are buying two cars this summer not one because I have a feeling the insurance company will total that one. One good thing about me on bed rest: Casey can just drive my car for a few days.

Through all of this, I had to lay in bed/on the sofa and be a bystander. I haven't seen all of the damage to the house or car yet, although Casey described it and took a few photos for me. I felt so useless and so helpless.

Casey and I are a team and watching him struggle through this alone was so hard for me. I wanted to be there to help him and support him and run around fixing things with him. Instead, I laid in bed and prayed our little embryos would snuggle in. I know (and Casey reminded me) that I was exactly where I needed to be doing exactly what I needed to do. But I still wish I Casey didn't have to deal with so much alone.

Eye on the prize. He dealt with all it alone to protect these two beautiful blastocysts. He did it to give our future babies a better shot.

Snuggle in little ones! Your Mommy and Daddy love you already.

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