Jun 12, 2012

Transfer Day

Today we transferred two beautiful Grade 1 blastocytes into me.

I could write a huge blog about this, but really that sentence (and the photo which I'll have to get Casey to post later because I'm struggling from the iPad here) tells it all!

We also have 3 blastocytes that will be frozen for future babies. Our God is so good and so loving and so powerful. Our first doctor told us not to bother trying IVF and to go straight to donor eggs. My diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve left us uncertain if we would ever make it to transfer.

And we did!

We better than made it. We did a day 5 transfer of two beautiful grade one blasties and have three left for future attempts or siblings someday.

After the procedure, our RE shook Casey's hand and said: "We've do e all we can. Now it's in God's hands."

Comforting words! Now it is all up to God.

Come on little blastocytes -- snuggle in!

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  1. I know the anxious feeling of waiting and trusting this over to God. I have prayed the verse Hebrews 10:23 over our IVF's...I hope that He is faithful to you for this promise of motherhood :)