Jun 2, 2012

Stimulation Day 7

Today is the day our original IVF calendar had retrieval scheduled.  Obviously we are no longer on that track  -- but we did get good news today at the appointment and it looks like everything is going well.  Casey was able to go with me this morning to the RE and see my little follies as we wait for them to grow and mature. 

This appointment was with the actual RE and he didn't measure as many of the follicles.  He only measured nine of them and said the rest looked to be under 10mm and so too small to bother measuring.  He measured 6 good size follicles and three smaller follicles.  My estrogen is up to 1,333.

It looks like retrieval will be on Thursday, but we will know more after my day nine scan on Monday!

Now off for an afternoon of errands, napping, and maybe even a movie tonight.

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