Jun 1, 2012

Stimulation Day 6

My additional supply of Bravelle was supposed to arrive from Medco (well from Accredo, which is a specialty pharmacy that is part of Medco) by noon today.  I spoke to the pharmacy on both Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning confirming this.  Both times I was assured my order was being processed and they would call soon to collect payment and arrange shipping.  Both times I was assured it would arrive by noon on Friday, in plenty of time to use.  I will run out of Bravelle at my 8PM Friday night injections and not have enough to do my Saturday injections.

I called Accredo again this morning (at 9:15) to find out what is going on only to learn that my order still hadn't processed!  After an hour on the phone, the good folks at Accredo had nothing for me.  They said it looked like a "computer error." The only information they could give me was that  Accredo was going to work with a team of supervisors and call me back if they could determine a solution. 

After getting off the phone with Accredo, the pharmacy Medco was requiring me to use, I called Medco.  Medco didn't have any local pharmacies with Bravelle in stock that they consider in network and will cover.  They found Bravelle in stock at two in-network pharmacies: one in Austin and one in Chicago.  The woman on the phone didn't understand why I didn't want to pick up and drive to Austin because "they are both in Texas so it has to be close."  Oh people!  Texas is a HUGE state!  My amazing husbands response to this when I called him "I'll start looking at flights to Austin.  Worst case scenario I'll fly down for the afternoon.  Maybe you can come too and we'll make a night of it!"

I hung up with Medco and called my REs office.  They at least had a partial solution: two boxes of Bravelle available at their office which I could borrow until mine arrived.  Sadly, two boxes only gets me until Sunday morning.  I still needed my shipment to arrive before the weekend ended.

It was now getting close to noon and I had done nothing all morning but try and find this medication.  Did I mention that I am taking high doses of hormones?  That are causing crazy sharp pains in my abdomen (near my ovaries)?  That make me really emotional? 

When I spoke to Accredo again at 11:41, I was literally bawling on the phone from the frustration and the emotions and the fear that without these drugs we might have to cancel the cycle.  They attempted to assure me a solution would be found and once again said they'd call back.

When they finally called back they had a solution!  I am at this moment all praises for the folks at Accredo pharmacy!  My medications will be flown to Dallas and then couriered to my house.  They should arrive at 11:30PM tonight!

This IVF path is most certainly not for the faint of heart!

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