Jun 22, 2012

4w1d: Results Are In

We are pregnant! It is VERY early (4 weeks) and we have a lot of obstacles to get through before I think either of us will be comfortable saying "We're Pregnant" but right now all the signs say we are expanding by two feet!

But, I have a confession to make.  We've known since Sunday, or, at least, we've suspected since Sunday.

I swore up and down that I wouldn't take a HPT (home pregnancy test). I planned to wait until our Beta and let the doctor tell me the news. Well, on Sunday morning I woke up nauseous (stupid progesterone!) at about 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I got to thinking how AMAZING it would be for Casey to find out on Father's Day that he is going to be a Dad.  If we hadn't had all of the complications, our original IVF calendar had our first Beta the Friday before Father's Day so I had already had the perfect images of Casey being a Dad-To-Be on that day in my head.  At 4:30 in the morning, I wasn't capable of logical thought or reasoning, and for some reason POAS seemed like a good idea.  It didn't matter that I was only 5dp5dt and it was only 10dpo and too early for most HPTs to detect anything.

After I saw the (very very faint) second line (seriously I saw that elusive second line I've been chasing after for 2.5 years!), I wrapped up the stick in a gift bag with the card I had for Casey. I gave it to him when he woke up and we snuggled and celebrated together. I haven't seen Casey smile like that since our wedding day!

Casey's "First Look" at Alexis

Our celebration was fairly short lived. The line was just so faint. Maybe it wasn't even really a line. We weren't sure we trusted it. So we waited to celebrate when the doctor gave us official results.

At 8dp5dt (eight days post five day transfer or thirteen days post ovulation) the doctor looks for a Beta of 30+ with an expected range of 30-50. Ours came back at 186! Such a beautiful number!  So high! So positive! Again we celebrated and snuggled and then called our families to share the good news.  We also stopped for a minute and to be excited, because, no matter what, at least for a little while, I was pregnant!

Our next hurdle was determining if it is a viable pregnancy.  They do that by looking at the "doubling time" of your Beta HCG.

Today was my second Beta. This time they were looking for the number to go up. Ideally the number will go up by at least 60%.** My number increased by 97% to 367! At 1-2 weeks post conception (which at 13 days I am) this number typically ranges from 40-300, which I am above.  367 is also a beautiful number!

Now I feel like we are able to celebrate! We are pregnant! We are having a baby!

There is a bit of scary news: I have been diagnosed with moderate OHSS, which can be a scary and life-threatening complication of early pregnancy after IVF if it becomes severe. My doctor is being very cautious and monitoring me very closely.  This post is about the AMAZINGNESS of our pregnancy announcement, so I'll do a post next week on OHSS and what it means.

Seriously though.  We're pregnant!!  I don't know how to be pregnant!  I know everything there is to know about trying to conceive, but I have no clue how to be pregnant!  But I am!!

** For the other IFers, many REs look for it to double in 48 hours, but most are testing just a few days later. At 15dpo doubling time can be as high as 96 hours and still be okay. I was nervous when we first got our results because it hadn't doubled, but that's because we are still so early.


  1. jessica sireviciusJune 22, 2012 at 6:14 PM

    I've been reading this from time to time, and i just want to say CONGRATS!!! you're so brave to let everyone know what is going on!

  2. CONGRATS to you both! What an exciting, scary, wonderful time! I will be praying for continued good news and for the OHSS to calm down. I found making my diet a little heavy on protein and light on carbs helped with OHSS, in addition to the rest and Gatorade. I know it's hard to do when all you want is a loaf of bread and a box of cereal right now! =)

    So happy for you!

  3. Yay! So exciting! I am praying for everything to go smoothly!