Jun 21, 2012

9dp5dt: Reminiscing

No baby news to share today, but I am pleased to announce that today, almost six years after our wedding, I finally finished our wedding album!   I need to go through it carefully to make sure I don't have any typos or other errors and make sure I am completely satisfied with the photos on each page, but overall I am really happy with it. 

I chose to go with AdoramaPix for the photo book because I love the leather cover, foil engraving, and lay-flat pages.  I didn't love the online editing software (biggest gripe: it couldn't edit photos at all!  I had to edit them and them re-import them). I am excited to order the book and see the quality.  The book is quite a bit more expensive than one from Shutterfly or similar sites so the quality will have to pretty impressive for me to use it again!

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