Jun 28, 2012

Important Dates

I took this from http://ivf.ca/duedate.php and love getting an idea of all of the milestones my baby has coming up!

My doctor did first beta on June 20, so June 22 was actually my second beta.  But other than that first line, I find this pretty cool.

As a pregnancy newbie, I had no idea that the date of trimester switch could be so controversial. 

The website explains that "by development" uses the 40 week pregnancy cycle, starting on that date of the last menstural cycle.  The first trimester ends at 12 weeks, when the major structural development is complete, and the second ends at 26 weeks, when the baby is considered viable and will then spend the third trimester growing bigger.  "By gestation" also uses the 40 week pregnancy cycle, but divides the 40 weeks into three equal length periods.  The "by conception" also divides into three equal periods, but uses a 38 week pregnancy beginning from the date of conception.

Moms out there: which method do/did you use when telling people which trimester you are in?


  1. I apparently should have redone the screen capture today because it still thinks I'm in week 5 -- but as of today I'm in week 6!

  2. I told people 2nd trimester when my appetite returned. :)

  3. I think I mainly went by development.