Jun 17, 2012

5dp5dt: Father's Day

prepared myself all week for Mother's Day and the storm if emotions I knew it would bring, but somehow, Father's Day just snuck up on us.

Friday night during dinner, I asked Casey how he felt about Father’s Day coming up over the weekend.

Hs response?

"It doesn't bother me. I'll celebrate my Dad and my two brothers and the great men and Father's they are. Why would I be bothered by it? I have no reason to celebrate it now, but I will someday."

I thought of Mother's Day in terms of my loss and what I didn't have. He is thinking of Father's Day in terms of the great examples of father's in his life. The rest of it just doesn't apply to him yet.

This is why Casey is a better person than me.

My heart breaks that because of me and my ancient ovaries Casey isn't a Daddy yet. There is nothing in the world I want more than to see him wrapped around our baby's little finger. I know he will make an amazing Dad and will act as a spiritual leader, raising our baby to be a warrior for Christ.

Today, I am grieving for Casey and all of the other Daddies-in-Waiting out there. I'm also wishing we knew if these little buckaroos had implanted because how awesome would it be to tell him we're pregnant on Father's Day!

Sadly, still too soon to test.

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  1. Good luck!! I hope the embryos have implanted! I'm praying that this is Casey's first Father's Day as a dad and it's just too soon to know it yet.