Jun 27, 2012

Good News (x3!)

 First the good news: We have three snow babies.

All three of our remaining embryos survived and are now frozen! We have three little snow babies currently being cyro-preserved to use for future family expansions.

 Now the great news: I'm still pregnant.

Beta One (8dp5dt or 13dpo): 186
Beta Two (10dp5dt or 15dpo): 367
Beta Three (today! - 15dp5dt or 20dpo or 4w6d): 2,860
That puts my doubling time at about 40 hours. The hope is for a doubling time of 48, although anything under 72 hours is considered healthy. 40 hours is great! Now that my Beta has crossed 1,000 we can schedule our first ultrasound for Tuesday at 5w5d. At that appointment, the doctor is looking to see the gestational sac and possibly the yolk sac.

And for good measure...

 A bit more great news: My OHSS seems to be resolving.

In the past 36 hours I have lost 6 pounds, been hungry, been thirsty, and (TMI alert) finally started peeing in amounts that coincide to how much I'm drinking! I feel so much better. I can look down at my still swollen tummy and I know I have a long way to go, but Praise the Lord I never fully crossed over into severe OHSS and I am getting better! My RE warned me not to get too excited because I could still have some bad days before it completely goes away, but I've been cleared to drink liquids other than Gatorade although I'm not allowed to completely give up the Gatorade yet. I am out of the danger zone and getting better! Let's hope that the rest of this pregnancy is uneventful!

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