Jun 16, 2012

4dp5dt: IVF Gift

I truly love my husband. He is thoughtful, patient, understanding, considerate, loving, strong, spiritual, and the man I adore above all others. Throughout this process he has held my hand and reminded me I am not alone, counted cycle days with me, hugged me and let me cry, encouraged me in my faith and to remember God is on the journey with us, gone to doctors appointments to see follicles, called to check on results, learned more about female anatomy than I imagine he ever wanted to know, been left in the waiting room during surgery, brought home flowers to brighten the rough days, reminded me that we are strong and we can do this, prayed with me and for me when I couldn't do it alone anymore, been my rock and my strength, pre-loaded my iPad with books and movies for bed rest, always been ready with an "I love you", and waited on me hand and foot. As if he hasn't been amazing enough throughout this IVF process and my bed rest confinement, last night he reminded me again of just how wonderful he is.

Last night, Casey gave me an IVF Gift to thank me for all of the junk I am putting my body through, for the shots I give myself, and for being willing to take this journey with him.


A better man doesn't exist anywhere! We are one step closer to our dream for our family and Casey has been there every step of the way as my rock and my strength, comforting me even though I know he is hurting too. Just like me, Casey is waiting and hoping and praying. I feel like it should have been ME giving HIM a gift this weekend (especially since it's Father's Day weekend!), but as I said - he is just amazing!

I show you my pretty new necklace, with one sparkly diamond and a blue topaz (my birthstone):

Relatedly, in about an hour we head to the doctor's office (which means I get to leave the house!!) to have blood drawn and check in. They want to ensure my hormone levels could support a pregnancy if the bugger(s) decided to snuggle in. As long as everything looks okay, they'll take me off of bed rest today!

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  1. That's beautiful - and I mean the words, not the stone (not that it doesn't glimmer).

    Glad y'all have one another :)