Jun 15, 2012

3dp5dt: Our Embabies First Photo Shoot

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:

But maybe just a few words to go with it...

Top left: Casey wore an attractive onesie over his clothing so he could go into the surgery room with me. I was on valium which made me silly and giggly (or maybe that was nerves) but I thought his onesie, hairnet, and booties was the funniest thing!

Right: Our two beautiful blastocysts. Please snuggle in little buckaroos!

Bottom left: Casey and I right before the transfer procedure. So excited! I made fun of Casey's hairnet and booties, but I was wearing them too. Along with a very attractive open-back gown and my warm and lucky bright blue lacoste socks.

Middle left: This is a picture of the ultrasound during transfer. The black area at the top is my very, very full bladder (48 ounces of water in an hour). The white snakey line is the catheter they used to place the blastocysts. The blastocysts are too small to see with a naked eye, so they put two air bibles around them in the catheter so the doctor can see the air bubbles going into the uterus. I circled the two "flashes" which are the air bubbles and represent the two blastocysts being transferred into me.

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