May 7, 2012

Surgery Success

On Friday afternoon I went in for my hysteroscopy and cervical dilation surgery.  It went really well and I now have a larger cervix and the doctor has a better idea how to get into my uterus when we do retrieval and transfer for IVF.  Our weekend was blood work (notice the matching band aids from genetic testing) and medications. (And yes, I am using a pill sorter to keep up with the crazy number of things I have to take each morning and night.  This a judgement free zone.)

After the surgery on Friday, I spent Saturday laying around watching TV and reading.  Casey was amazing and so supportive (no surprise!) and truly waited on me hand and foot.  He was bringing me things before I even realized I wanted them!  By Saturday night I felt pretty good.  I was still REALLY swollen (like add 6+ inches around my waist) but not feeling sick.  We had tickets to a show at Theater Three and decided to go ahead and go.  I struggled to find something to wear that fit over all of the swelling, but I am so glad we went! 

By Sunday morning, I was still groggy and tired, but no longer in any pain at all.  The swelling was still ridiculous, making getting dressed for church a challenge, but that's okay because I know it will all be worth it.  Our church had one service on Sunday morning, followed by a HUGE celebration in the park afterwards.  We had a petting zoo, multiple bounce houses, a band, a stage, The Hamburger Man, a Sno-Cone stand, and tons of really great people.  We are celebrating the churches ALL IN campaign to raise money to renovate the education building.  The church's facebook page has some great photos of the event.

Despite the stress of a rushed surgery and all the fears that went along with that, we did okay this weekend.  We survived it together and that's the best we can ask for!

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