May 31, 2012

Stimulation Day 5

Had another check-in with the doctor today.  All is still looking good.  My lining is up to 10.8 (which is good) and I had 10 good size follicles with a few more that were too small to merit measuring.  My estrogen level is up to 773.  By the time we get to retrieval, the doctor uses estrogen as a proxy for mature follicles with an estimated 150 in estrogen for each mature follicle.

I am in a bit more pain today than I have been.  By a bit, I actually mean a lot.  Sharp sharp pains around where my ovaries are.  Poor little ovaries are struggling to make room for all of these follicles!

Because I am on such high dosages of medication to ensure I get enough follicles to go forward, I am almost out of medications.  They ordered more for me on Tuesday and it should arrive tomorrow.  Today I realized which medication it is we are reordering.  It is the most expensive one I am taking.  This procedure just got a bit more expensive

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