May 28, 2012

Stimulation Day 2

Happy Memorial Day!

Today was day two of stim, and I have now successfully given myself four rounds of stim injections (8 AM and 8 PM each day.)

We had such an amazing weekend this weekend and truly experienced all of God's blessings in our lives!

Starting with our miracle on Friday our weekend just got better. 

I spent most of the morning on Friday at the RE office getting our new IVF calendar and then Friday afternoon I picked Casey up from work and we headed out to Fort Worth.  We started our weekend with an early dinner at Reata in Sundance Square.  The food was amazing!  Sadly, no photos of the beautiful presentation, but I do have one of us at the restaurant.

After dinner, Casey and I went to see our niece in her annual recital.  She dances for the Diane Clough West school of dance in Fort Worth and she is a really talented dancer.  It was so great getting to see her perform.  The recital didn't end until after 11 and I have been so tired from all of the medications that we didn't go out anywhere in Fort Worth after the recital.

Saturday morning we met friends for brunch in Fort Worth.  It was great getting to see them and catch up.  Even though Fort Worth isn't very far, we don't see them often enough!  After brunch, we went to the Kimbell Art Museum to see the exhibit on Impressionism.  No photography inside the studio, but if you are a DFW local, consider heading out to Fort Worth.  It was a great exhibit and we really enjoyed walking around for a few hours.

Sadly, a few hours of walking was all I could handle before the exhaustion caught up to me.  We were already checked out of the hotel and needed to stay in Fort Worth for a party at 5, so it didn't seem like a nap was going to be possible.  But then Casey had the greatest idea!  He turned the car into a Sonic parking lot and ordered us both drinks and we proceeded to sit at Sonic for over an hour and rest.  I closed my eyes for a bit and Casey listened to the (never ending) Rangers game on the radio.  He is such an amazing man and takes such good care of me! 

After our siesta, we headed to the stockyards and browsed around the little shops for an hour before meeting up with Casey's family to celebrate our nieces 15th birthday. We were supposed to head to a house warming for friends back in Dallas after dinner, but I was just too tired to even consider it.  I slept most of the way back from Fort Worth as it was.

Sunday was stimulation day one and it went great.  We spent Sunday afternoon in Midlothian at our nieces 5th birthday party with my side of the family.  We came home Sunday late afternoon and started straightening the house before friends came over for dinner and a game night. 

We went to turn the dishwasher on and a few minutes later it was smoking!  We couldn't do anything about it then because we had guests arriving, but that is certainly not what you want to see on a Sunday evening!

We looked into getting our dishwasher repaired, but it is about $100 for the service call plus any additional costs for the actual repair.  We've had four service calls on this dishwasher already (all minor things, but they add up!) and have always wanted to replace it since it is black and most of our other appliances are stainless.  Memorial Day weekend is tax-free weekend for energy-star appliances in Texas, so we spent Monday shopping.  We found a great KitchenAid dishwasher at Rodenbaugh's in the scratch and dent outlet.  It was overstock, not dented, and was a really great price so we pulled the trigger.

After that big day, we headed to Flag Pole Hill in Dallas to see an outdoor concert put on by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, enjoy a picnic in the park with friends, and watch the memorial day fireworks.

It was a great ending to a great weekend!

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