May 21, 2012

A Quick Update - Potentially Devastating News and a Great Weekend

I haven't posted here in a while, mostly because not much has been going on.  Last week was a relatively great week with minimal infertility drama.  The doctors were a bit concerned about the amount of swelling I still had post-surgery, but it continued to decline and I am now down to about 4 inches.  They had hoped it would decline to under 2in, but since I'm not in any pain and it has stabilized they aren't concerned.  After that news, last week felt good!  We were moving forward and I spent the week eager to start stimulation drugs and move forward.

Thursday was Casey's monthly poker night, and I loved spending the night alone catching up on the DVR.  Then Friday we did a domino night with friends from our kitchen group.  Saturday, we drove to McKinney to look at outdoor furniture I found on Craigslist.  After some negotiations, for $150, it came home with us!  I am going to work on cleaning it up and sealing it this week before we buy cushions and put it on the deck.  Saturday night, we had a game night with sweet friends from college and had so much fun playing, laughing, and catching up!  On Sunday, my family came over for a belated Mother's Day celebration.  My brother brought his old elliptical so Casey and I could try it out and see how we like having an elliptical in the media room.  (Spoiler alert: I used it this morning and loved it!)

I fretted a bit this weekend because my IVF calendar showed "possible menses" on Saturday and I never got it.  I haven't had cramps or any signs of menses beginning.  Since it said "possible" I decided not to be too worried.  Possible means maybe not.

Today I went in for an ultrasound and blood work in preparation for stimulation starting tomorrow. I went in excited and hopeful, but a bit concerned about this no menses business. I was apparently right to be concerned. 

My uterine lining was at 9.6 this morning and they want it to be below 5 before beginning the stimulation injections.  This thickness is due to menses never coming.  To verify if menses is on the way, they took blood to test my estrogen levels.  Before starting IVF, they would like this level to be below 50.  If it is high, it means menses is still coming.  I left my appointment this morning expecting a call telling me one of three things: (1) my estrogen was still high so menses is still coming and we need to delay a few days and wait it out; (2) my estrogen is low meaning no menses this month, but the doctor decided to go ahead anyway; or (3) my estrogen is low meaning no menses this month and so we are cancelling the cycle.  I was told that (2) was the least likely scenario.  Most likely we would be cancelling the cycle because it is unlikely my estrogen is still high 4 days after ending birth control pills.

Even though I was told they would call after 4:30, I spent the day stressing and fretting and waiting for a phone call.  From 3:00 onward, I sat next to my phone willing it to ring.  When the call finally came, it was good news!  My estrogen is at 221.

I go back in on Wednesday to check my lining and estrogen again. If the lining is still thick but estrogen has dropped, we are still at risk for cancelling.

So now we are waiting.  And willing AF to come.  And praying AF comes. 

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