May 2, 2012

Pain and Cervical Dilation

I was warned by many people before my HSG that it would be painful and I would cramp.

I didn't think it was that bad.

When I asked, people said IUI felt no worse than a pap smear and not to worry about it.

My cervix broke the catheter. I was in tears. Every time.

I was told the Fluid Test (hydrosonography) wasn't painful just very mild cramping. I was told the uterine road map and trial transfer are no big deal.

I did them today. My cervix broke a catheter. I was in tears. I'm still in pain hours later.

The fluid test showed my uterine cavity looked fine, but also showed the reason my cervix keeps breaking catheters. It gets abnormally narrow right at the entrance to my uterus and so the catheter doesn't fit through.

Without correcting this, the doctor can't complete the embryo transfer step of IVF. So, Friday afternoon I will go under anesthesia so that the RE can surgically dilate my cervix.

Fun stuff.

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