Apr 3, 2012

Safe and Sound

I wasn't particularly productive today. I made zero progress on my dissertation. I didn't pre-write my Easter blog post. I didn't finish my lecture notes for my next class. I did unload the dishwasher - that counts for something right?

I spent my day sitting here:

Dog in my lap. iPad in my hand. TV in the living room at full volume so I could hear it. Taking cover from the tornadoes all over DFW.

Once I was out of the "danger zone" (cue corny music here - I've had the song in my head all afternoon!) I moved my tornado shelter to the windowless, although exterior, media room.

Aaahhh. So much more space. So comfortable. What a great view.

While I accomplished nothing today, I feel really blessed tonight.

At least twelve (unofficial count from NBC) tornados touched down across the metroplex today. Tornado sirens started going off a bit after 1:00 and the tornado warning was cancelled at 4:00 in Dallas County (later in areas to the northeast). People across the metroplex (including the TV personalities) called for prayers. Despite storms that tossed trailers into the air and flattened entire neighborhoods, no fatalities are reported. God is good!

Already tonight, the metroplex is rebuilding. Tree limbs are being pulled out of roads. Tarps have been pulled over gaping roofs. Families are giving each other an extra squeeze and remembering to say I love you.

As soon as Casey gets home* I plan to do just that. A big hug. A big I love you. A big prayer of thanksgiving to God for His blessings, for safety in His arms, for His process of rebuilding.

*Yes. He was out of town. Things like this never happen when He's home! When he is in town I don't get rear-ended. I don't get flat tires. Our pipes don't burst. Tornadoes don't strike. It all seems to happen when Casey travels.

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