Apr 30, 2012

Perfect Weekend

Thursday night Casey had Poker Night at the house.  I caught up on the DVR.  Perfect Night.

Friday morning we got on a plane to Austin.  Bought two wine fridges.  Toured the state capitol.  Toured a history museum.  Ate a fantastic dinner (five course tasting menu for me, seven courses for Casey) at wink.  Went down 6th street.  Perfect Day.

Saturday we ate yummy crepes.  Shopped at the quirky little shops on South Congress.  Ate at a food truck (my first one!).  Enjoyed a snow cone.  Flew home.  Went to an engagement party for a really great couple.  Perfect Day.

Sunday we went to church.  Continued working with the kids program on Gratitude Series.  Heard a really inspirational sermon on John 15:1-9 (full post on that coming soon).  Drove to Grand Prairie to hang out with Casey's parents and pick up our dog.  Did a little shopping.  Watched the Rangers.  Perfect Day (well...except the Rangers losing part). 

Everything about this weekend was perfect and normal and had nothing to do with fertility.  It was so great to just be us and not think about it! 

But, even in the midst of a perfect weekend, it is still in the background. 

Sunday night, after dinner dishes were washed.  After the Rangers had lost.  After we had unpacked our bags.  After a perfect weekend.  Casey and I both broke down.  There was screaming.  There were tears.  There was wailing.  It was ugly.  We both ended up on the floor, too emotional to move, crying, together. 

It was hard. 

It was real. 

It was love. 

I really do love this man.  Even when he says things that unintentionally start a night like this.**  We both needed that release.  We both needed to get those emotions out.  We both needed to remember that we are in this together.

Today we go see the doctor for our IVF consultation.  Together.  The way we are meant to be.  Perfect.

**Note to other husbands: saying "if we never have a child it will be okay" to your emotional wife is not okay.  Even if you meant if we never HAVE a child as in give birth to one and not as in never parent a child, your wife won't hear what you meant.

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