Apr 23, 2012

My Love: Casey Cass

Through this process I have had two rocks: my Lord God and my ridiculously awesome husband.  Casey has found me crying in the closet, and just held me.  He has held my hand when procedures were painful.  He has assured me every step of the way that this isn't my fault, he loves me, God loves me, and it will be okay.  He has bought me a heating pad, been to the store for pain meds, and been to the store for fertility meds.  He shot me up with drugs when I couldn't seem to poke myself with the needle.  He has done nothing but support me.  He constantly reminds me that we will be parents, no matter what.  We will have a child to love, nurture, and watch grow.  
I know people who have decided they were ready for kids, and just the decision makes them pregnant.  But unlike those couples Casey and I have been given the gift of time.  It doesn't feel like a gift most days, but the reality is that I love this man more today than I did when we started out on this path.  I know that he is my partner.  He is my greatest advocate.  He loves me with unconditional love.  Without this journey, our relationship wouldn't have been given this opportunity to develop and mature.  

More than anything in the world, my heart yearns to be a Mom.  But, even more than that, my soul cries out with desire to watch Casey be a Dad.  He will be an incredible father.  If he can shower me with so much love, treat me with such kindness, display such patience, and never fail me, then I can't even imagine how much love he will have for our little ones.  

We are doing this together.  And together we are going to be great parents.
So today, on his 28th birthday, I want to celebrate the incredible man I married.  He is everything a girl could ever ask for in a husband, a partner, a playmate, and a friend.  I love him with everything in my being and feel lucky to have him by my side.

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