Apr 3, 2012

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

No literally. On fire. My body is burning from the inside.

The first three times I used clomid, I took 50mg a day. This cycle I am doing the "Clomid Challenge" which requires I take 100mg a day.

Before I launch into my Clomid adventures, I will share experiences of others who have used the drug. One friend felt no side effects at all (lucky gal!) Most of the ladies I spoke to experienced some moodiness but didn't find it that bothersome. Approximately 1 in 10 women experience "hot flashes" on the drug. These are the same symptoms that women get from menopause. Before sending me home with a prescription, (the first doc back last fall) explained that I might have mild headaches, moodiness, or "a mildly uncomfortable warm sensation". The only side effect to be concerned about is any changes in vision.

I never understood the term hot flash before, but now I get it. My whole neck and chest is bright red. Someone has lit a match and is roasting me from the inside. My skin no longer fits my body and I want to claw it off.

Of course with my sensitive skin, and rubbing or touching leads to red irritated bumps. So now I am red, bumpy, itching, and did I mention on fire? Hot flashes is a bad name. Flashes are quick. Flashes are short. Flashes end. I have been flaming since Sunday night.

I am also ridiculously emotional. Emotional isn't all a bad thing. Every emotion I feel, I really feel. When I'm happy, I'm ecstatic. If I am amused, I am really tickled.


If I'm irritated, I'll bite your head off (sorry darlin' boy!). If I am sad, I am really upset. If I am frustrated, I am, well, really upset.

Casey spent last night in Houston for work so I caught up on my DVR. For me this meant a few ABC Family type shows and an episode of CSI. All of three minutes into CSI, I am teary eyed. Because someone died. On CSI. A show about solving murders. The kind of murders where people die. Why would I possibly get teary eyed about that? Of course, I am then frustrated with myself for being such a mess and crying over nothing. So I cry harder (because in amplified emotions frustration is upset).

The only upside to crying? Mixing water with boiling skin leads to some nice steam. Thriftiness is making your own sauna. No tools needed.

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