Mar 23, 2012

TTC: Our Journey Months 21-now

The Oversharing of My (Fertility) Life Part 2/2: (If you haven't read part one check it out here.)

Month 21 (August 2011): Try to get an appt with a reproductive endocrinologist -- we can't get in until October.  Must maintain good attitude.  Western medicine to the rescue.

Month 22: I'm not patient.  At all.  And October feels forever away.  Maybe I should put my faith in Eastern medicine instead.  I hear about someone who had success with accupuncture and go ahead and make an appointment for that.  Accupuncture = total disaster for me.  Who knew my heartrate could get that fast when I thought about dozens of needles being stuck in me?  I will continue to try Accupuncture for a few months, but I never really warm to it.

Month 23: Our first visit with an RE (that's reproductive endocronologist for those of you fortunate enough to have never seen a babymaking doctor).  Casey and I visit with him for over an hour and leave his office feeling really confident.  He tells us we will be pregnant by March.

Month 24: I spend this month learning to enjoy being a human pincushion.  I thought Accupuncture involved a lot of needles.  I was wrong.  Bloodwork multiple times a week (because it needs tested and retested on the right day of your cycle) takes  alot of needles.

Month 25: We don't have all of the bloodwork and results yet, but the baby doc puts me on Clomid this month.  Clomid is a drug that helps a woman grow and release multiple follicles (instead of the one follicle/egg your body releases naturally).  He starts me on the minimum dosage and I respond like a champ.  Three follicles!  Woohoo!  Babydoc thinks this is a good enough cycle we should try IUI.  Casey and I prayerfully consider this - is IUI a step we are ready for?!?  We decide what the heck we're going to go for it... *womp womp*  I ovulate on Christmas Day so now IUI possible for us.  But I am really excited.  I am convinced that Christmas Day, which is Jesus' birthday AND my dad's birthday, is the PERFECT conception day.  Who needed IUI anyway?  Of course I'm pregnant!

Month 26:  Big Fat Negative.  Not pregnant.  Also get really bad news from some of the bloodwork and tests.  My AMH level came back at 0.36**.  That's super low, but the doctor doesn't explain it to me so I don't know to be concerned.   I start telling my close friends we are TTC.  I decided that stabbing one of them with a fork is probably a bad idea.  We try Clomid again and this time we do IUI. Babydoc calls it a textbook cycle with 4 perfect little follicles.  He says his only concern is our high chance of twins! I'm really excited about our chances.

Month 27: Big Fat Negative.  Babydoc wants to do a test on me called an HSG.  It basically tells him if my tubes are clear.  Hallelujah  -- nothing wrong with my tubes.  Apparently chances of conception go up in the months after this test (something about dyes cleaning your tubes out -- I didn't really understand) and babydoc convinces us we should try IUI again this month even though I didn't take any drugs and so only have one follicle.  Immediately after the IUI (as in minutes) babydoc starts explaining why we should try IVF for our next cycle.  I leave his office in tears.  How can he be so sure this IUI cycle isn't going to work that he is already talking about next steps?  Why did we spend the money to even try IUI this month?

Month 28 (March 2012 -- current cycle): Not to spoil the surprise of future of furture posts but so far: Big Fat Negative. 

** Your AMH level gives an approximation of how many eggs a woman has. Ideally that number should be above 3. At least it should be above 1. Anything below 0.5 and your chances of ever conceiving are almost zero. Luckily the doctor doesn't explain any of this to us, so while I know that 0.36 isn't a good AMH number I have no idea how bad it really is.


  1. Oh, Lexy, I had no idea you were going through all of this. I am so sorry. I can relate to your situation as we are in the same boat, just a little behind you guys. I have done 4 months of Clomid, HSG, etc. I feel that pain you feel month after month and it is heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing your story! Praying for you guys!

    1. Kim -- I am so sorry to hear you are going through this too. I was planning on reaching out to you over the weekend. I got a phone call today that HP is going to start an infertile/pregnancy loss group and your name was brought up. I had no idea y'all were trying (not that anyone knew we were either -- its a bit on the private side!) and you and Drew are in my prayers. We really miss seeing y'all around Munger -- but hopefully you've been enjoying having Sundays off to spend with family/friends.

  2. Lexy - I read through your posts's like reading my own diary. We are on our 2nd IUI after a 2 month hiatus because my reproductive system decided to forget it's job (surprise, surprise!). Anyways, I wish you and your husband the best of luck - and can't wait to keep reading about where this journey takes you guys!

    Best wishes!

    1. We've done two cycles with IUI (did it twice each time) and now are in limbo while we wait for a second opinion before we can move forward. I like the idea of calling a hiatus instead of a limbo. Casey has been referring to it as a "Selah" (a word used throughout the Psalms to refer to a reflective pause.

  3. Do not lose hope. We tried for over 5 years and suddenly just found out we are pregnant! The wait it hard but God's timing is perfect!