Mar 22, 2012

Starting Again

I haven't posted to my blog since 2009, but today I was inspired to start writing again.  In the past three years I have had plenty to write about and a lot has happened, I just haven't had the motivation to actually write. 

Well, it is time to start again. 

I have renamed and reinvented my blog and will now be writing about my daily struggle to maintain my faith while coping with infertility, although I will also incorporate anything else that is going on in my life or things I want to share in the hopes of giving encouragement to others in a similar situation.


  1. I'm sure a solution will present itself when the time is right. I hope so.

    Best wishes (...and I miss chatting w/you.)

  2. It is better to have love in your heart to give to a child you cannot ~yet~ conceive, than to find yourself with a child you do not ~yet~ love.

    "First comes love" is more than just the start of your blog description. :)