Mar 26, 2012

Bring on the Wine

Today is Cycle Day 2 (again if that means nothing to you - just move on).

So what does that mean?  Am I pregnant?
No you silly goose.  Of course not.  But thanks for checking in.

Also, we need to do IVF because I'm getting tired of this game.

I promise if you keep reading I do talk (and think) about things other than infertility.  Really I'm a great person.  I do really interesting research.  I love my dissertation.  I say funny and witty things.  I get snarky.  And in my real life people's eyes NEVER glaze over while I continue to talk about how gosh darn hard it is to have a baby.  (Why did my middle school teachers all lie to me!) 

That other thing I do:
Drink copious amounts of wine. 

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