Mar 26, 2012

BabyDoc Fail -- the rest of the story

If you haven't read about my first (almost) March appointment check that our here.  This is what happened next.

I went back to see babydoc a week later, and GOOD NEWS: I do not have Fragile X Syndrome so one crisis averted!  Since I don't have that dastardly genetic condition we are free to move forward with an IUI this month and IVF in the future. 

The doctor does his normal "down there" business* and then he makes his first mistake of the day.  He spoke.  Actually, babydoc made an unforgivable comment. We will be moving on for a second opinion.

Babydoc: Have you given more thoughts to donor eggs?
Me: Casey and I talked about it and at this point we don't think it is for us. We want to try IVF at least once and if that's a bust we'll start talking about adoption.**
Babydoc: Really? You would deny your husband his right to be the biological father to your children?

And that comment dear friends of the interweb can never be unspoken.  Or (at least at this point) forgiven. Info on our first appt with Babydoc2 (hmmm might need a better name) coming soon. 

It's been two and a half weeks since that comment and I'm angrier about it now than I was that day.

* This involves me lying on a table and him playing with a wand and is about as fun as it sounds. In fact this wand is down right uncomfortable. I mean really, I'm not that kind of girl. A gentleman would at least take a girl to dinner first. Okay no dinner. A drink maybe?

** At least for right now donor eggs are off the table.  No judgement if we change our minds later.


  1. Oh, Alexis, I just do not like your doctor at all. I hope your second opinion is from Dr. Kaufman.

  2. Can I ask who you are seeing/have seen? I have not been to one yet, but I have a few contacts that I know are good and I will be using if we need to.

  3. Liah - I don't know Dr. Kaufman. What hospital is (s)he associated with? Is (s)he in Dallas?

    Kim - Our original Dr. Was Guerami who came highly recommended. Obviously I didn't have a great experience. For our second opinion we are seeing Dr. Pinto. Our first appointment went well and he was very logical/rational about all of it which I appreciated. Another couple we know used Pinto and loved him. We considered Putnam who is supposed to be incredible -- considered one of the top 20 infertility guys in the country - but the wait to see him was FOREVER and he wasn't on our insurance.

  4. Hi there!

    I have been "web-stalking" you and I'm coming out. :-) You probably remember me from when I worked at Brazos with Casey. I am so sorry to hear about your pregnancy struggles! I had no idea, and I'm really sorry to hear. The reason you came back on my radar was through your blog. A long time ago, I began following it on Google Reader and it popped back up with your infertility posts.

    Similar to you, I am diagnosed with "recurrent pregnancy loss". We have had three miscarriages since June of 2010 and we are probably going to try again soon. We get pregnant easily, but I can't hold onto it. I visited with a family-friend doctor in Midland, Texas recently who said my problem is likely an immune system response to the fetus. He was very confident that with his treatment plan (all pills, yay!) that we can keep a pregnancy in the future.

    I will pray for y'all - I know how this feels and it sucks. If you would like to talk more or have any questions about doctors, feel free to e-mail me at I'm also on twitter @KSuzanne428.

  5. I have heard good things about Pinto. Also, Dr. Marynick (at Baylor) is supposed to be really good (he's board certified in 4 different specialties relating to infertility) and has a PhD running his emryology lab. What hospital are your doctors with? Dr. Chantilis is a good friend of my uncle's and is also very good, but he is at Presby and I want to stay with Baylor.

  6. I haven't heard of marynick but the quality of embryologist is huge!

    Heard great things about Chantillis himself but mixed reviews of his practice (huge practice and will see nurses more than see doctor).

    Our first dr was at presby (a super convenient 1.5 miles from house!) but pinto is with Baylor. My job is flexible enough that I can drive to either hospital

  7. Kim --- I certainly don't know much and have NONE of the answers but if you ever need anyone to talk to or someone to listen to you let me know.