Apr 30, 2009

To Avoid the Swine Flu...

...don't do this:

April 30

Six years ago today, Casey and I shared our first kiss and officially became a couple.

Three years ago today, Casey got down on one knee and I said yes!
Together we set out on an incredible journey - we've gotten through the worst life can throw our way including the death of a parent, a rough job, and now unemployment. With each trial we are able to not only get through it, but emerge even stronger. Casey is my lifeline, my love, and my everything. I thank God every day for giving me such an incredible man.

Apr 28, 2009

Chim Chiminey Chim Chiminey Chim Chim Cheree

A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be….. okay so enough Mary Poppins (although I do really love that movie). Last night Casey and I were sitting in the living room when we hear *chirp*chirp*chirpchirp*chirp*chip*chip*chirpchirpchirp* and it is coming from right next to us! It didn’t take us long to follow the VERY upset puppy to the fireplace and realize we have a whole nest living in our flue!

We did what any responsible homeowner in crisis would do – and googled it. It isn’t often that google fails me. Here are googles suggestions for removing a bird from the chimney

1) Reach up with a gloved hand and grab it (And who is supposed to do that?)

2) Wait and hope it decides to leave on its own

3) Smoke it out (This is the most widely mentioned solution, it is also the one that has led to peoples homes burning down because nest materials are highly flammable)

4) Catch it in a pillowcase (Seriously? How?)

5) Hire a chimney sweep! ----- Once you’ve seen that as option who in their right mind would pick anything else? I didn’t even know chimney sweeps existed other than in Mary Poppins! We can’t call one until after the rain ends (hopefully the end of the week) but I promise to let you all know if our chimney sweep sings and hops from roof to roof while he works!

Apr 26, 2009

Prayers for TAKS

This week is TAKS Testing for students across Texas. I have 14 Seniors who are retaking the Math test again on Wednesday and if they don't pass won't be able to graduate. I have also been working with over 60 10th and 11th graders over the past few months who will also all be taking the test this week. Keep this students (and me!) in your prayers this week!

Apr 25, 2009

Duck Hunt

This week was Casey’s birthday and, as I said before, his big gift was the hot tub. A pretty impressive birthday gift if you ask me! But I also wanted to have something for him to open and I thought it should go along with the hot tub – and so I present to you his gift – but first the story of why.

Casey and I were in Target doing some shopping a few weeks back:

Me: “I don’t know where we’d put them but I really like those…..” (before I had finished the sentence or pointed at what I was referring to)

Casey: “I like them too”

Me: “Ummm”

Casey: “You were talking about the ducks right? I really like them.”

So now that we have a hot tub, we have somewhere to put our ducks – on the deck next to the hot tub! Yay!

Apr 23, 2009

Forgive Me for It's Been 11 Days

Okay so blogging isn’t exactly like a confessional – but I do feel guilty not posting in so long. I miss all of you ladies when I stop posting. But don’t fret – I’ve been reading your blogs on google reader during my lunch break everyday (I know I’m not commenting – but my school blocks blogger).

Work is going really well – my students take TAKS next week (10th grade math is on Tuesday and Exit math is on Wednesday) and I have a few that I’m not sure I ever got through to and so might not pass – but I have a lot that seem to be doing a lot better than they were when I started with them. It’s a good thing that next week is my last (I have a ton of school work to catch up on!) but I am really going to miss working with such a great group of high schoolers.

Our bedding came in and I love it! I don’t have any pictures to post – but I’ll get there I promise (just be happy I’m posting!)

Also on the house front – we bought a hot tub!!! We found it on craigslist for next to nothing and so went to pick up last Sunday. It isn’t in our yard yet (it’s sitting on the trailer on my brothers land right now – how very redneck!) because we needed to move our AC to make room to get it onto the deck and then prep the deck (powerwash and then either seal or paint – still debating which one we want to do). I feel a little bit bad since the hot tub is Casey’s birthday gift – Happy Birthday to you bucko! - and it turning out to be a pretty big project for him.

On that note – Happy Birthday Bucko! Casey turns 25 today! We are have a Quarter-Century-Blow-Out Poker Tournament (where everyone can blow there money) next weekend.

So this weekend and next week I have two 30+ page papers to finish, I need to help work on the deck, I need to clean the house, I need to decorate and cook for the party, and I need to work next week. I’m not sure when my papers are going to get written!

I am currently working on an interesting (or at least I think interesting) paper on the TARP program and the cost-benefits of the program. I am enjoying writing it and love the topic – but my word I have a two inch binder that is full to the point of barely closing full of research I’ve printed with even more articles saved on my computer and a few library books sitting on my bed.

I am also working on a paper looking at the correlation between the financial markets and the likelihood of the incumbent party retaining the presidency. Again – really interesting but you wouldn’t begin to believe how many articles and how much time I’ve spent doing research on this!

I’ve been saying this since February – but I promise to try and and blog better and more frequently! I miss you all!

Apr 12, 2009


Wow! I am in total love with my new mattress! Who ever knew what an extra couple of inches could do - a King bed is HUGE. I'm not going to post pictures because we still haven't picked out bedding. I thought I was going to the Matine Toile in Powder Blue from Pottery Barn, but when I got it, the color isn't as blue as I want it to be - it's very grey. So we bought soild colored sheets to use and we just put our Queen duvet over the bed for now. I ordered this in blue from Lands End (and it was on sale) so hopefully the colors will be right and I'll have a bedroom to post pictures of soon!

Apr 4, 2009

Can it be summer now....

Casey and I went to TJ Maxx today trying to find bedding for our new bed (it comes Monday!!) and while I was there I couldn't resist looking at all the new Lilly they had. They had a BUNCH of dresses, swmisuits, and coverups. I didn't go home with bedding but I did by a new suit...

I got the Tally suit in Key Lime Pie. I can't wait for summer so I can wear it -- I need a pool party!

Apr 1, 2009

Delta Gamma Love

During my absence from bloggyland I was incredibly busy being a great Delta Gamma sister. I was the Dallas Delta Gamma Founder's Day Chair and put on an event for over 250 women to celebrate our shared history and the meaning of the sisterhood we all pledged lifetime membership to. I am pictured with my co-chair and Martha Brown, the former Panhellenic President and the current Delta Gamma Delegate to Panhellenic. The event was a huge success! I am in love with our beautiful centerpeices and wish we could have found more of these anchors so I could take one home with me. The teddy bears were from Build a Bear and were available for purchase after the event.

I am not going to bore you with all of the photos here (but they're incredible!) We hired a professional photographer who took 120 pictures of the event. They are in two separate facebook albums (1 - 2) and you don't have to have a facebook account to view them.

I also attended a Delta Gamma Charity Event, Vintage and Vision, on Saturday night to raise money for the Delta Gamma Foundation of Dallas which works for the Delta Gamma Philanthropy, Service for Sight. It was an incredible night of wine tasting, whisky tasting, and fellowship. I wish I had photos to show you - but I forgot my camera!

I hope that all of you who pledged a sorority in your college days are taking full advantage of all that your local alumnae groups have to offer. Sorority membership is a lifetime commitment and I know that the bonds of my Delta Gamma sisterhood are still enriching my life today.