Mar 30, 2009

New Furniture!!

Casey and I bought a new bedroom set over the weekend! We are so excited. We've been shopping for almost three years - but we have very high end taste and everything we've liked has been well outside of our budget (as in $5k only buys the bed - and then you still need nightstands, dressers, chest etc.). We are taking advantage of all of the great discounts you can find and the suffering of the furniture stores and bought our dream set. We got the king sleigh bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror, and a chest of drawers. We still need to find a chair or bench to put in the room - and we need bedding!

Our walls are currently Colorado Springs from Behr and I would love to try and find bedding that goes with it so that I don't have to repaint the room.  
I originally thought I wanted Restoration Hardware's Italian Chocolate Edge Sateen in Marine, but I'm not sure how it will look on the sleigh bed.  Will it hang right?  Will it look awkard with the square of color poking out from the footboard?  
I still love this bedding, but I don't think it will work.  Sad huh?  Do you have any suggestions of other things I should look at?  What do you have on your bed?

Mar 29, 2009

I'm Here!

So it has been a crazy crazy month and a half since I last posted.  Since we just don't know when the economy will turn around and Casey will be able to find a job, I accepted a position at a high school.  During passing periods and lunch I have been able to keep up with all of your blogs through Google Reader, but Blogger is blocked so no blogging for me!  

Working full time and being a full-time graduate student at night is proving a lot harder than I though it would be.  Now I understand why my program recommends not working and actually won't fund students who have outside employment!  I get home around 10 every night and I just fall into bed.

Any attempts at weight loss are completely on hold because I can't find time to work out.  I can't find time to blog.  I can't find time to do laundry - well you get the idea.  

Despite how busy I am - I am really happy!  I am still in love with my classes and know that leaving my job to go back and get my PhD was the right idea.  I am loving working at the high school - my students are incredible!  It is actually giving me even more confidence that teaching is where I belong (although I do certainly want college students not high school students).  

Now that I have started to adjust to this crazy schedule, I am going to try and be better about posting and commenting.  As I said, I have been reading all of your posts but you can't comment on google reader!  

I miss all of you!