Apr 25, 2009

Duck Hunt

This week was Casey’s birthday and, as I said before, his big gift was the hot tub. A pretty impressive birthday gift if you ask me! But I also wanted to have something for him to open and I thought it should go along with the hot tub – and so I present to you his gift – but first the story of why.

Casey and I were in Target doing some shopping a few weeks back:

Me: “I don’t know where we’d put them but I really like those…..” (before I had finished the sentence or pointed at what I was referring to)

Casey: “I like them too”

Me: “Ummm”

Casey: “You were talking about the ducks right? I really like them.”

So now that we have a hot tub, we have somewhere to put our ducks – on the deck next to the hot tub! Yay!


  1. So cute! I have no idea where I would put them in my place, but your hot tub sounds perfect. :)