Mar 29, 2009

I'm Here!

So it has been a crazy crazy month and a half since I last posted.  Since we just don't know when the economy will turn around and Casey will be able to find a job, I accepted a position at a high school.  During passing periods and lunch I have been able to keep up with all of your blogs through Google Reader, but Blogger is blocked so no blogging for me!  

Working full time and being a full-time graduate student at night is proving a lot harder than I though it would be.  Now I understand why my program recommends not working and actually won't fund students who have outside employment!  I get home around 10 every night and I just fall into bed.

Any attempts at weight loss are completely on hold because I can't find time to work out.  I can't find time to blog.  I can't find time to do laundry - well you get the idea.  

Despite how busy I am - I am really happy!  I am still in love with my classes and know that leaving my job to go back and get my PhD was the right idea.  I am loving working at the high school - my students are incredible!  It is actually giving me even more confidence that teaching is where I belong (although I do certainly want college students not high school students).  

Now that I have started to adjust to this crazy schedule, I am going to try and be better about posting and commenting.  As I said, I have been reading all of your posts but you can't comment on google reader!  

I miss all of you!


  1. Awe, I am glad you are doing ok! It was good to hear from you!

  2. I was thinking about you and hoping that everything was okay. Keep your positive outlook on life! :)

  3. Working full time and going to school full time can be so stressful. Both me and my husband did it for the first 2 years of our marriage. I am so glad that we are Christians. It was our faith in the Lord that helped us through that time. May God bless you in the same way! Take care!

  4. I missed you!! So sorry things are so busy!

  5. oh GOSH - maybe Casey could take over the blog for you and share his insights into being a "house-husband"? Just kidding - we enjoy your perspective on having multiple full-time occupations!

    I'm guessing you don't have a teaching certificate, since you studied business/finance/economics. Are you in a "probationary" period and also having to work towards a teaching certification too?! I know most states have free or subsidized education for MA-Education programs, but how on earth are you balancing all these tasks?!

  6. Oh girl - I know how you feel! I worked full-time (with a lot of overtime) during my two years that I attended graduate school full time for my Masters degree. I basically didn't sleep for two years. But, now I have a baby so I still don't sleep. I guess that experience helped me to prepare for motherhood? LOL I can't imagine working full time and then working towards a phD as well. I've actually considered it so that I can teach college level one day. So, best of luck to you!