Feb 1, 2009

Thanks Obama! You did it!

  • First off - Congrats Steelers! What a game. I mean What A Game! My brother-in-law is the biggest Steelers fan I've EVER met and I have no doubt he is at home celebrating. Big Time.

  • What the heck was Dan Rooney doing?  Did he really thank President Obama for his support?  I mean I understand that through Obama all things are possible, but really.  I don't understand.

  • Check out Mojito Mavens great chocolate giveaway!  It's just in time for Valentine's Day!

  • Commericals?  I thought they were only okay.  My favorites were:

    • by CareerBuilder: “even if you make loads of money” — show the man drinking liquefied gold bars — “it may be time” to look around for a new job.

      by Denny's:  I loved the funny face pancake - "isn't it time for a serious breakfast?"  If you didn't catch it, Denny's ended their commercial by inviting everyone to go into the restaurant for a free Grand Slam on Tuesday morning (6AM-2PM)  It's been years since I've been to a Denny's, but free just might convince me to go.
    You can see the superbowl ads (organized by quarter) here.  So what were your favorite SuperBowl Commercials?


    1. I loved the Budwieser horse falling in love with the circus horse. No one else has mentioned that though!

    2. My fave was the Dorito's Crystal Ball commercial!
      My brother explained to me that Rooney thanked Obama because he had said he was rooting for the steelers on TV (and I guess Rooney raised a lot of money for Obama's campaign).

    3. I LOVED the Mr. and Mrs. Potato head and the Teleflora.com commercials!

    4. Our favorite was the last E-Trade baby spot in the country club locker room. My husband is a golf pro so he thought it was hilarious!

      Oh, and Rooney plugged Obama because he raised him A LOT of money. One of his largest financial supporters from what I understand.

    5. I saw that too - I didn't know Presidential power carried that far... ;-)

      I've always been a huge fan of the Budweiser Clydesdales, and love yesterday's ads too. I also thought the Crystal ball ad was super funny!

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      She deserves it!