Jan 26, 2009

What a morning.

I just got back from the hospital.  Ick.  Casey caught a pretty nasty stomach bug and get really dehydrated last night.  The hospital gave him 3 liters of fluid through an IV as well as some medication and sent us on our way home with the happy news that the bug needed to run its course.  Yay.  So it seems all I can do is pray that I don't come down with the same bug.


  1. ICK!! I hope he feels better and you don't catch it!!

  2. Ugh!! Hope he feels better soon!!

  3. My word, everyone has been in the hospital lately, it seems. Hope he is feeling better and that you stay healthy!

    DISD just cancelled it's afternoon programs, so, here's hoping SMU and UTD night classes are cancelled. We've got 2 events going on here tonight and none of us want to attend, and everyone involved seems to be waiting on SMU's decision. Not that I WANT the weather to get worse, but, if it does, there's a better chance that I'll be at home at 6 rather than 8. And 6 always sounds better.

    Stay healthy and safe!!