Aug 30, 2008


I just finished my application for Volunteer North Texas which is the group organizing the Gustav efforts in Dallas. I was still in school during Katrina and so I wasn't able to volunteer as much as I wanted to but this time I have time to help.

Please keep the people who live along the Gulf Coast in your prayers as they go through this trauma once again.

Aug 29, 2008

Sarah Palin for VP

What a historic date. On his 72nd birthday John McCain is set to announce his Vice President. All of the talking heads on television are confirming that his candidate is Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. I hope they’re right! She will certainly garner a lot of attention from the media. This beauty pageant contestant and commercial fisherman has a history of ethics reform and independence. She is a maverick with a history of reform. She will be an eloquent and knowledgeable advocate for a comprehensive energy policy that includes expanding drilling in both Alaska and offshore. This mother of 5 gave birth to her youngest just 5 months ago and carried the child to term despite learning that her darling child had Down’s Syndrome. She is staunchly pro-life. Her oldest son enlisted in the Army on September 11, 2007 and will be deployed to Iraq. So who is Sarah Palin?
  • Born Sarah Louise Heath on February 11, 1964 (44-years old)
  • Moved with parents Charles and Sally Palin to Alaska as a little girl
  • Grew up as an avid 5k and 10k runner (entire family did races together) and now runs marathons
  • Point guard and captain of high school basketball team that won state championship (nicknamed Sarah Barracuda for aggressive play)
  • High school leader of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • First runner-up in 1984 Miss Alaska beauty pageant
  • Admits smoking marijuana in her youth in Alaska when it was legal there but not liking it
  • Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism from University of Idaho
  • Former sports reporter and commercial fisherman and now an avid hockey player
  • Married high school sweetheart, Todd Palin
  • Husband works in Alaskan oil field for BP. He is also a champion snowmobiler who has won 2000-mile “Iron Dog” race four times.
  • Todd is a Yup’ik Eskimo (native to Alaska)
  • Mother of five children. Oldest son joined U.S. army on September 11, 2007. Youngest son has downs syndrome. Refused abortion after learning son would have downs while she was pregnant.
  • City Councilwoman for two terms before being elected twice as mayor of Wasilla
    Served on Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Committee before blowing whistle against corrupt Republican leaders in the state. She resigned over the matter to make her point. She exposed state Republican party chairman Randy Ruedrich who resigned and was forced to pay record fine.
  • Elected governor of Alaska in 2006
  • Proposed plans to cut green-house gases and address climate change
  • Pro-Life
  • Opposes same sex marriage but is against discrimination against gays and believes in giving full rights to gays. She signed same-sex benefits law that predecessor wouldn’t.
    Proponent of eliminating pork barreling in and for Alaska
  • Constant approval rating in the 80’s and 90’s percentile
  • Hunts and eats moose burgers

I think that Republicans will be jazzed up by this nomination in a way that other front-runners wouldn't have done. She's an impressive woman and speaker. Whether she's up to speed on foreign policy is a question mark. And whether Independent and Democratic women disenchanted by the treatment of Hilary Clinton will come to the McCain/Palin ticket is unclear. But this nomination will at least give McCain a second look. Now the two of them have to close the deal.

Sarah Palin is smart, honest, competent, outspoken, courageous, and has lived what she believes. The Republican Party has lost this image over the years and she is no longer what many people think of when they hear Republican. It should be. Governor Palin could truly be the future of the Rpublican Party reenergizing and refocusing. I hope we follow.

And as a sidenote – McCain is most likely a one-term President (he’d be 76 when he was campaigning for a second term) so a VP position now puts Governor Sarah Palin in a great position for President 2012.

Aug 28, 2008

Housewifery Among Professional Women

Hmmm….. This Business Week article tries to determine why so many highly educated women in business choose to stay at home. One of the things brought up in the article are the statistics for women in different fields.

“By the time they are 15 years out of college, 28% of the Harvard women who went on to get their MBAs were stay-at-home moms, compared to only 6% of women who got medical degrees, the authors found. The study also looked at the career paths of Harvard women who became lawyers and found 21% chose to stay home with their children.”

Wow! So burning out as a woman with a job in investment banking isn’t so odd. I feel better.
And this made me feel even better. Being a stay-at-home is actually making us money. Here is how I figure it.

"Men who are in the upper ranks of their profession with stay-at-home-wives earn 30% more than men who are married to women who work. Those men who want to reach the highest rungs of their career and earn the most money often need a stay-at-home wife to take care of all other aspects of their life, including raising a family."

Well, when I was working, I made less than 30% of Casey’s salary. (Yeah he made that much more than me – it made leaving easier when we realized what a small portion of our budget I was!) So now that I am not working he should increase his salary by 30% - which would put our combined income higher! So yay me for not working!

Aug 27, 2008

The Wife Song

About Me

Some things you should know about me:
1. I’m 23
2. I got married over Labor Day weekend in 2006 to the love of my life and college sweetheart at my hometown church in McKinney, Texas. You can see wedding photos and our wedding web page here.
3. Casey and I just bought our first house – we live in the middle of Dallas in Lake Highlands. It is a huge change from The Loft.
4. My favorite colors are pink and yellow.
5. I don’t eat lemons but love limes. I drive waiters and waitresses crazy because I’ll send my water back if they give it to me with a lemon in it. I want a lime.
6. I rarely (if ever) drink soda. I’d rather have tea. Or milk.
7. I love to shop. Right now I am only buying things for the house.
8. I am obsessed with shoes. I have over 150 pairs of shoes, and right now I can’t wear any of them. My doctor gave me a list of approved shoe brands that I am allowed to wear for the first year after my ankle surgery – none of my pumps, strappy sandals, wedges, espadrilles, or even flip flops are on the list.
9. I started my blog long before I actually ever sat and read anyone elses. Now that I have started reading, I can’t stop.
10. I have no idea what I am doing with my life. I quit my job as an investment banker to go back to school and get my PhD – and then we didn’t move. I think I am going to apply to a different PhD program here in Dallas and start in January (maybe) but for right now I really love being a housewife.

Aug 26, 2008

It's Bad. It's Very Bad.

I (once again) have no Internet. AT&T and I are in the midst of (yet another) showdown. In case you had any doubt, I will win. This no Internet thing is unacceptable. Last night I spent my evening on the phone with them explaining why Wednesday wasn't an okay day for a tech to come out. Really - when both the Internet and the TV are out how could they possibly think that coming out on Wednesday would make me happy? AT&T eventually conceded and someone will be at my house between 2 and 4 today.

Them coming at 2 gave me just enough time to run the one errand today I really wanted to accomplish. I was planning on going to Elliott's Hardware today to look at hardware for my bathroom cabinets and hopefully getting the bathroom cleaned and put back together today. Casey re-installed the toilet yesterday and I found a shower curtain and I am ready for the project to be done.

So, after my morning walk and cup of tea, I go get in the car to head out shopping. BUT - I have a nail in my tire. There go my plans. Now I get to enjoy the hospitality of Discount Tire for a while so they can give me a new tire.

On the brighter side: Discount Tire has wireless so I can check my e-mail and read my blog roll.

Edit: AT&T actually showed up. On time. To the first appointment we scheduled. I am in shock. Such a pleasant experience. And now I can sit on my a@@ reading blogs and watching television just the way I want to (if only someone was around to finish my laundry and make dinner so I really could enjoy!)

Aug 25, 2008

Love It

Here it goes. Misadventures of Newlywed and Make Mine a Mojito have both put up the Top of the Charts song on important days in their lives. It is totally ridiculous! Mrs. Newlywed is even having a contest to guess the dates and win a fantastic set of cards from Preppy Princess. (I love the notecards and if I don't win I might just have to order them - they are the perfect Delta Gamma style!)

Here are my results:

My birthday: “Like a Virgin” by Madonna
Casey’s Birthday: "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)" by Phil Collins
Our First Date: "In Da Club" by 50 Cent
Our Engagement: "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter
Our Wedding: "London Bridge" by Fergie
Day We Closed on Our House: "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry
Sorority Initiation: "All I Have" by Jennifer Lopez featuring LL Cool J (I had to guess the date – but ended up with the same song as pledge sister Make Mine a Mojito – so it must be right!)
High School Graduation: "Foolish" by AshantiMy College Graduation: "SOS" by Rihanna
Casey’s College Graduation: "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani
Rory’s Birthday: "Umbrella" by Rihanna featuring Jay-Z
Day We Got Rory: 2007 ... "Kiss Kiss" by Chris Brown featuring T-Pain

Play along here.

Aug 23, 2008

Drumroll Please - Fall 08 DVR Schedule

It isn't exactly a TV schedule because I rarely (if ever) manage to sit in front of the TV to watch something live. The few shows I watch the day they air (to make sure people don't tell me what happened) I still watch late.

My Returning Shows:
The Big Bang Theory (Mondays on CBS starting September 22)
Brothers and Sisters (Sundays on ABC starting September 28)
Chuck (Mondays on NBC starting September 29)
Criminal Minds (Wednesdays on CBS starting September 24)
Dirty Sexy Money (Wednesdays on ABC starting October 1)
Grey's Anatomy (Thursdays on ABC starting September 25)
How I Met Your Mother (Mondays on CBS starting September 22)
Lipstick Jungle (Wednesdays on NBC starting September 24)
NCIS (Tuesdays on CBS starting September 23)
Numb3rs (Fridays on CBS starting October 3)
Private Practice (Wednesdays on ABC starting October 1)
Real Housewives (Tuesdays on Bravo starting September 16)
The Unit (Sundays on CBS starting September 28)
Ugly Betty (Thursdays on ABC starting September 25)

My New Shows:
90210 (Tuesdays on The CW starting September 2)
Kath and Kim (Tuesdays on NBC starting September )

The Bachelor (with Jason as the bachelor)
Friday Night Lights
Rules of Engagement

Not returning:
Big Shots
Canterbury’s Law
Cashmere Mafia
Las Vegas
Notes from the Underbelly
Women’s Murder Club

Aug 22, 2008

It's a Small World After All

Last night I had dinner with Make Mine a Mojito and it came up that Mr. Mojito's cousin was in town for a wedding. She was a bridesmaid in the wedding for Erika, a girl she went to high school with in San Antonio. Casey and I are going to a wedding this weekend as well. My best friends older brother, Tim, is marrying Erika after years of dating. What a small world. Same Erika. Same wedding.

Wow - that all typed a lot more confusing than it wrote. Maybe a picture will help.

Now you all know how really frustrated I am with painting --- I am making diagrams to waste time. Oh my! I should probably head on back to my black paint right around now.

Aug 21, 2008

Still My Dream

Casey starts classes tonight and I'm jealous. I still really want my Ph.D.

And to further that dream I met with the head of the PPPE program at UTD last Friday to learn more about the program there and find out if it would be a good fit. I don't know what God has in store for us - but that seems like an option I like!

Aug 20, 2008

Johnston & Murphy Womens

My husband has come a long way in fashion. He is not a trendy guy - but likes classic well made things. It wasn't that long ago that his boss commented about the Skechers he wore every day to work. Casey thought that since they were black they were dress shoes and therefore appropriate. When he had enough of the teasing at work he asked his Dad for a shoe shop suggestion and we ended up at Johnston & Murphy. Since then all of shoes for both work and weekends have come from there. He has one pair that we have bought multiple times! They look nice and are comfortable - what more does a guy need.

Lately, I've been really jealous of his ability to walk into J&M and buy a pair of shoes. Ever since my ankle surgery, I have to be really careful what I put on my feet and have given up fashion for comfort (and for a girl with over 150 pairs of shoes - most of them heels - its really hard!) Today I got an email from J&M announcing there new womens line! Wow! I wonder if the womens shoes will be as well made as the mens.

Aug 19, 2008

I am Classic Country

Make Mine a Mojito recommended a fun design quiz from mydeco. It’s a short quiz full of pretty pictures that helps put a label to your design style. It shows pictures of different colors, fabrics, rooms, etc. and asks you to pick your favorite. My style is “Classic Country.”

You take the inspiration for your home from the surrounding countryside. And why not? The country cottage look has been, and continues to be, the epitome of what 'home' stands for: warm, welcoming, cosy and comfortable. There's nothing at all pretentious about this style, just a love of the good, simple pleasures in life.

Living Room
Your living room brings the best of outdoors inside. The living room is usually the hub of the home, and the country look is perennially popular: it's warm and inviting and unpretentious. In its most classic incarnation, the focal point is the fireplace, and this is certainly a style that's all about comfort, hospitality and connecting with nature, the soul and the seasons. The elegant proportions of classically influenced accessories could give the room a slightly more sophisticated edge that works well for country-style living rooms in more urban locations. Pastel blues and greens give the room a fresh, light feeling, while glamorous prints and patterns are fun and stylish. Curled up on the sofa with a good book, your living room's the perfect place for some "me-time".

Your bedroom has that classic look that never goes out of style. Sleep is fundamentally important to our well being. Clean, fresh air can truly aid sleep, but so, too, does a well-made bed and the best mattress you can afford. Touch is an important issue in the bedroom, from crisp, linen sheets to wool or even sheepskin underfoot. Elegance and relative simplicity are keynotes in your bedroom, using a palette of beautifully muted colours to create the perfect retreat from daily stresses and strains.

Dining Room
You're an interiors globe-trotter, the inveterate internationalist. At home, your dining space mixes inspiration from different cultures and countries, perhaps reflecting your origins or a favourite holiday destination. In an open-plan layout, you can use colour, textiles, even pictures or wall-hangings to define the dining space and give it a unique identity. And your globe-trotting approach to interiors means that you're sure not to run out of ideas and inspiration. When it comes to entertaining, you like quite simple (some might say 'peasant') food with big, robust flavours.

Home Office
Your home office is formal and sober. These days, almost all of us have a home office: a desk and a chair in one corner of the living room with adjustable task lighting and adequate filing is all it takes. Clean, simple lines and an absence of clutter suit the home office very well - but don't neglect to introduce an element of your own personality to the space, even if it's nothing more than a favourite photograph in an elegant frame.

You're living the dream. At home, at least, the rat-race is a distant memory.

Congrats Casey!

Hot off the press: Casey just got his CFA Level II results. And he passed. With a great score. He thought he passed, but it is great to know for sure. The pass rates this year were, as usual, not so high. 35% of test takers passed Level I, 46% passed Level II, and 53% passed Level III.

Send congratulatgory fruit baskets, cookie cakes, and singing telegrams to the new house. We look forward to them.

Job offers are also accepted - his qualifications: totally rocks at financial analysis and stock picking, looks dashing in a business suit, and passed Level II!!!

Now in celebration, he gets to sign up to do it all again for Level III, the final exam.

Aug 13, 2008

New Sofa

Our new sofa and chair was delivered the day before we left for vacation so I didn't have time to get pictures up - but here it is! We absolutely love it - super comfortable AND looks good! The sofa is actually a recliner and the chair is a rocking recliner - no corners cut here. You should come over and have a glass of wine with us - we promise you won't regret it.

As you can see, the old loveseat and ottoman are still in the room, as are our very very modern end tables from the loft. We have some more shopping to do! We found one loveseat we liked, but at almost $3,000 it isn't the answer. We are taking our time and making all of our purchases very slowly because we want to be 100% positive that each thing we buy is exactly what we want (hence the two year search for new kitchen chairs - that we still haven't found!)

Aug 12, 2008

One Month

Today is our one month anniversary living in our new house! In honor of the occasion, I am finally going to put up a few pictures. Most of the picture are of the kitchen so lets start by remembering what I started with:

And now I have this: I still need new kitchen chairs but other than that I am really really happy with my kitchen!

I love the way the cabinets turn out and can't wait to work on more home improvement projects!

You can rate my kitchen at HGTV's Rate My Space.

Aug 11, 2008

A Great Trip

We got back from vacation yesterday and it was wonderful! We spent a week in Ormond Beach, FL with family at our newly purchased timeshare (and yes it is true – we really did by a beachfront timeshare for $0.01 on ebay.) It was great sitting on the beach, relaxing, and not doing much else! A much needed week of fun before Casey starts school.

And then went to Charleston, SC to visit Matt and Kathryn. We had an incredible time visiting with them and can’t wait to go back and got to explore Charleston! Making a stopover was a delicious decision.

We came home a bit early (left Charleston after dinner on Saturday and drove all night to get back to Dallas) because our puppy wasn’t doing well. The wonderful folks at The Dog Lofts were doing all they could to keep her happy but she wasn’t eating. When we got home she was down 0.4 lbs from her max weight. Now we need to work on fattening her up!

We’ll get pictures from Florida up soon!