Jul 31, 2008


Have a great week all! We are off to Ormond Beach, FL with the fam and then Charleston, SC to visit Matt. I promise to post the pictures of the finished kitchen and new living room furniture on my return.

Jul 25, 2008

Our First Furniture

After two years of marriage and talking about it, we finally bought furniture! Tonight we bought a really nice leather sofa and chair for the living room from Weir's. The sofa and chair are both recliners and really really comfy. We found a coordinating loveseat that we liked too but didn't buy it because it was pretty expensive. We will keep it in the back of our minds, but we want to look a few more places before we settle on it.

I am so excited about our first big furniture purchase!

I am a Housewife.

One of the first question I receive when I meet a new person is often what I do for a living. Depending on the asker, I sometimes dazzle with the glamour of my previous job: “I worked in investment banking but the hours were putting to much stress on my marriage so I am now working on a new life plan.” For a close friend I haven’t seen in a while I might delve into the whole story. “I worked in investment banking but the hours were putting too much stress on my marriage and I had always dreamed of being a professor. I left my job to go back and get my PhD but after much searching and deciding we came to the very difficult realization that leaving Dallas was not what God had in store for us. There aren’t any PhD programs for me around here so I am now working a new life plan.” Sometimes I give a different answer. Depending on my syllabic desires I say homemaker or housewife.

And then I wait for it. First, I am asked for old the kids are. After I inform this person (usually a stranger) that we don’t have any, I get the eyebrows raised is surprise. Then comes the comment, normally along the lines of “Well that must be nice.” No, sitting around on my tush eating bon-bons all day would be nice.

So what do I do? Well besides being secretary, accountant, nurse, therapist, housekeeper, laundress, nutritionist, personal shopper, event planner, decorator, and executive chef, I just sit around eating bon-bons all day.

I should start asking these professionals what they do all day. I know many people with jobs, who actually DO sit around all day. They obsessively check e-mail, occasionally respond to one, talk on GChat, play on Facebook, but never actually work. Why is it that this question is only asked to housewives and not to other professionals? Is it intended to marginalize the housewife and what I do both in my own home, for my friends, and as volunteer work? For whatever reason, being a housewife opens you up to all sorts of judgment from strangers. I think it is important to add that not everyone judges. Although it is quite interesting that the people who are the least judgmental are the people who are the most satisfied with there own lives. It takes a fulfilled person to accept and understand fulfillment. These people are able to be happy that I am happy and move on. On the other hand, people who are dissatisfied with their own lives and jobs have a compromised ability to understand satisfaction. They have a small view of what satisfaction must look like and seem unable to accept that satisfaction can take many forms. Well, my being a housewife is not a problem. We don’t have financial concerns and our marriage is flourishing. It is not my problem it is yours.

With all that said, I do still have the same desires and drives I once did. I still keep up with current events. I am still able to hold a provocative, informed conversation on a myriad of current events, cultural topics, and even academic breakthroughs. I still dream of being a college professor. I think constantly on what God has in store for me and what my life direction is. But for now, I have made a commitment to my home and my family to get us settled, moved in, and happy in our new home. I am not going to allow my desires for the future to undermine the joy I find in what I am doing. Nor will I let your judgment of my decisions undermine the importance I place on being there for my husband and creating a home where we can begin our family and live happily together.

I don’t judge you for pandering to a boss and playing online word finds all day. I don’t comment on your entire budget which is spent on designer suits to wear to an office you dislike, with people you despise, at a job you hate. I don’t criticize the lack of communication between you and your significant other. I’ve been there. I understand. I don’t judge.

You’ve made your choice. I made mine.

I am a housewife.

Jul 19, 2008


They finally got it right yesterday and we have Internet. Glorious! I have really missed facebook! And blogging in Word isn’t the same. It is so good to be back!

Jul 17, 2008

AT&T Saga - Try 3 and 4

Nick from AT&T came today. He is not on my favorite people list. He started on a bad foot though. Someone was supposed to come from 8-10 this morning. At 10 no one arrived yet. I once again had to call AT&T customer service and they were able to assign up someone for the afternoon to show between 12 and 2. At 1:45 Nick arrived.

When he arrived he seemed nice enough but one of the first thing I learned from him was that my order with AT&T was wrong. His paperwork showed that we only had one TV when in fact we wanted 5 boxes! After an hour on the phone I finally found Rick who, although unable to fix any of the problems, was at least able to tell me what happened. During my previous AT&T no shows, mis-installations and other phone calls my order somehow got cancelled and so someone had to recreate it. That person obviously wasn’t paying attention very well. This doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal BUT when I signed up for U-Verse they had an ad in the store that additional set top boxes were free for the first year (normally $5 per month). Because they cancelled my order I lost this promotion and they are no longer running it so can’t add it back onto my order. I finally reached Dorothy who was able to finagle a special that was of equal value. It only took 2.5 hours of my day but the pricing was fixed. Too bad pricing wasn’t the only issue.

Here is how Nick decided to run the wiring.

Instead of going through the attic like a normal person he wrapped cat-5 cable all the way around the outside of the house. He had already drilled one hole in the exterior of our brick before we caught what he was doing and sent him home.

Jul 16, 2008

My First Solo House Adventure

I had my first solo house adventure today. I was happily taking a shower getting ready to start a full day of errand running. I shampooed my hair, put in conditioner to let sit, started shaving my legs and then looked down to see:

This lizard is just staring at me! So I grabbed my tea mug from the bathroom counter and stuck it over him to trap him. I didn't want him looking at me while I finished my shower!

After I was done I was so courageus - I got a tupperware and trapped him so I could take him into the backyard. But seriously - who wants a lizard staring at you and thinking about crawling up your leg when you are in the shower - totally vulnerable!

Jul 15, 2008

AT&T Saga - Try 2

Aaargh! Our internet was supposed to be installed today. I cleared my whole schedule so that I could be home from 12-2 during their arrival window and then be around during the 4-6 hour install. But they didn’t show! After multiple hours on the phone the best resolution AT&T could come up with was a $100 credit and installation on Thursday. All I can say is U-Verse had better be incredible!

On a brighter note, I did our final walk-through at The Loft today and they said everything looks great and we will get our full deposit back. Woo hoo! They made a few comments about how impressed they were with the cleanliness - Claudia is the best! If anyone is looking for help with housework I adore her. She cleaned our house before we moved in, helped on moving day (I thought she would be a translator but she also lifted and carried and really worked hard), and she has cleaned The Loft so that we could get our deposit back. We still have to patch a few holes in the wall and go back to The Loft to pick up our water filter and our DishNetwork stuff so I didn’t turn in the keys yet – I think we’ll wait until Thursday to say good bye.

Jul 13, 2008

The Move

Thank goodness we have a neighbor who is friendly enough to share their internet! Ours will be installed on Tuesday but until then we have no TV and no Internet. It’s like living in the dark ages.

The move is over (!) and went really well. A big thanks to all of the people who helped us yesterday – my brother, Dejay, Casey’s parents, and my Mom. We really really appreciated it! We are well on our way to making the new house our home. The Moms did a great job unpacking the kitchen and getting that organized and ready to use. We have all of our clothes organized and accessible and we have unpacked the bathroom so we have a toothbrush and deodorant at least! I’ll work this week on getting everything else unpacked so that the real work – attempting to decorate – can begin!

Jul 10, 2008

Breaking It In

Or perhaps just breaking in.

We have owned a house for 8.5 days and we already going to have to break in.

We are still exploring the house and learning what all of the switches control and where all of the lights are so while I was waiting for Casey to lock all of the doors, I stood in the garage and looked at the controller. It has three buttons: one button opens/closes the garage, one turn the light on/off, and the other is a toggle that says lock/unlock. I changed it to locked and nothing happened - the garage would still open and close and the light still turned on and off. I switched it backed to unlocked - still no change. I switched it back and forth a few more times, decided it must not do anything and went and got in the car.

We left to run to Home Depot (ironically we went to Home Depot and bought new locks for all of the doors - the house currently has a key for every door - no two are the same!) When we left our clicker put the garage door down as usual.

When we got home - the clicker wouldn't work. We pushed and we pushed with all of our might and still the clicker won't make the door go up. We walked around to the front door - the only door our keys work on - and realized we had locked both deadbolts. The bottom deadbolt can be opened with a key, but the top one will only open from the inside. We called a family friend who owns a garage door company, and Dorian couldn't help us. They make a garage door opener that locks - but no dummy override. Every door in our house has a double deadbolt. Every window is tightly latched and locked.

We are completely 100% locked out of our new house.

Tomorrow a new adventure: breaking a window in our house to get in. I think I'll wear all black, leather gloves, and perhaps a ski mask. If I;m going to break in I might as well do it right!

Jul 9, 2008

Waiting to Begin

I can't wait to move! I have been at the house everyday this week painting and doing little projects and can't wait to live there! All of my "todos" like buying curtains, picking out bedding, painting the other rooms, etc. will be so much more fun when I don't have to drive back and forth between the apartment. I am exhausted from all of the packing and painting and moving so I'm off to sleep. I'll post pics of the new kitchen cabinets and such after the move!

Jul 2, 2008

Our First House

Our first house. Wow. We now own our first house. Incredible. We did our walk-through this afternoon and then went to closing - where we signed our names a few times intialed a few more - and bam - the house is ours! My first act as a new homeowner wasn't very glamorous though: I pooper scooped. Silly people didn't do it before they moved out and I didn't want Rory running around a dirty yard while I worked inside. I also took down a cabinet door today so the microwave can be installed tomorrow and started testing paints to see what I like best for the cabinet color. It is hard to believe the house is ours! Right now it doesn't look like much though. Immediately after closing, the painters came in and started taping and covering the house. Every floor is covered in paper/plastic, every wall is covered with plastic, there is tape over all of the trim, etc. It doesn't look to great - but it will soon! I wanted to give a shout-out to all of the people who helped us with the home buying process - they have all been fantastic!

Our real estate agent was Susan Bradley with Keller Williams Elite.

Our home inspector was Lionel Nowotny.

Our mortgage broker was Blake Priest with Park Cities Mortgage.

Our title agent was Leah Robinson with Republic Title.

Our painter is Jason Rock with DFW Painting.