Dec 11, 2008

You Asked. I Answered. Questions 5-7.

Mrs. Cup: How did you and your husband meet? 

Casey and I met in the dorm at SMU.  On the ground floor was a ping pong room where a lot of people would hang out.  One of my girl friends and I went down to play and when we got there two guys were already using the room.  They offered to play us for the table.  Casey proceeded to hit me in the eye with a ping pong ball.  You could say that it certainly wasn't love at first sight!  We did become friends though.  The next semester we had Cal II together and would do all of our homework together (which pimarily meant that I, the math major on a math scholarship got help from the business guy!).  We had our first kiss on April 30, 2003 while watching the sun rise from the top of the parking garage.  Three years later, Casey proposed on April 30 at the top of that same parking garage.

Mrs. Cup: What would your dream house look like? 
My dream house has a kitchen big enough for the whole family to gather.  It is covered in flour and sugar because I spent the afternoon baking cookies with the kids.  My living room is large and inviting.  It looks like a room people want to be in, with a big fireplace going, a dog on the floor, and perhaps even toys strewn around.  It has a yard big enough for my boys to play football and a fort that Daddy built so the girls can have a tea party.  It has a huge master suite with a big old jacuzzi tub so I can have a glass of wine and a bath while Casey puts all the little ones to bed.    My dream house isn't about the crown molding, the hardwood floors, the cute little nooks, the handy built-ins, or the great new appliances (although I do like all of those things) my dream house is about the home Casey and I will build to raise our future children in.  It is about the messes that come from family.  It is about the stain in the middle of the gameroom carpet from that one time my brother and I thought it would be fun to watch a soda explode.  It's about the champagne that rolled out of the fridge at my Mom's - who ever knew that champagne could make such pretty pictures on the ceiling!  My dream house is about the dead patch of grass in the backyard where my Dad and I used to sit and talk.  My dream house is filled with warmth, and memories, and love.

Mrs. Cup: What is your favorite memory of your wedding?
Casey and I decided not to see other the day of the wedding.  This was a hard choice because it means we don't have any where near as many great photos of the two of us as some of you have - but it also led to the best moment of my life.  When all of the bridesmaids were lining up and going down the aisle my Mom and I had a private moment and prayed together and cried together and talked about my Dad who was watching me wedding from heaven.  There was a longer than normal pause after the flowergirls because my mom needed to help me fix my make-up.  When I started to walk down the aisle - I kept trying to see Casey but we had envited way to many people to the wedding and I couldn't see him through the crowd.  I will never forget the moment I first saw him on our wedding day.  For the rest of the day, I only had eyes for him!

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