Dec 12, 2008

You Asked. I Answered. Questions 10-11.

Follow-Up Questions:

BGirl: Sorry for the follow up question - the only reason I ask is because I work in investment banking....did you work in equity research or in banking? I'm always so thrilled to find other women that work in the field!
I was an equity analyst. Our company called it an investment banking position since you are part of the Capital Markets team.

Mrs. Guru: Wow, that is a lot of degrees! How long did it take you to complete all those degrees?
I finished in 4 years. I started college with a lot of hours from AP classes and then some of the classes for Economics and Public Policy double counted.

The Shabby Princess: I got married young too! But, I was still in college.
Um, helloooo, married people, helloooo, I'm married.... I live like 5 minutes from you, helllooo.... :)
We should totally get together! Casey and I are in!!


  1. I just read how you and your hub. met! So funny, and sooo sweet!!

  2. Wow, 4 years!! You must be very very smart! That is so neat! Congrats!!