Dec 11, 2008

You Asked. I Answered. Question 9.

Newlywed Central:  What does a "day in the life of a housewife" look like? :)
I attempted to do posts that were "a day in the life of a housewife" but I didn't stick with them.  I promise to try better!  Here is today!

7:30 AM:  Wake up with the puppy laying on top of me licking my face.
7:45: Get out of bed and go make a cup of tea.  Sit and look at the paper while drinking my tea in the sunroom.
8:15: Shower and get dressed.
9:00:  Check E-Mail.  Yay!  The guy on craigslist accepted our bid for his dart board.  Our game room is coming right along!  Call him and schedule a time to pick it up.  Check Craigslist for new great finds.  Nothing.
9:30:  Finalize menu for party on Saturday.  Make grocery store list.
10:00:  Clean, vaccuum, dust etc. back half of house (including bathroom)
10:30:  Check blog.  Answer a few questions.  Set them to post every 30 minutes or so throughout the day.
11:00:  Start cleaning front half of house but get distracted when the mailman shows up with a package for me!
11:30:  Decide I've procrastinated long enough and head to the grocery store and Michaels to get ready for party.
3:00:  Finish cleaning the front of house after I unload groceries.
4:30:  Get guest bedroom ready for company tonight. Finish moments before the door bell rings.
4:45: Bake some cookies for party.
5:45: Start dinner.
6:45: Eat dinner.
7:30:  Head to Target after cleaning up because I forgot to buy seran wrap at the store today and need to cover all of my cookies.  Target trip turns into Target and Wal-Mart trip because husband and houseguest both come as well and can't find what they need.
9:20:  Get home and come blog about my day.  Once I'm done here I'll go be a good hostess and play a boardgame or something.  

The rest of the questions that I was asked today will have to wait until tomorrow.  But please - keep them coming!


  1. Wow you are busy!

    What is your favorite part of being married?

    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

  2. You are BUSY! It's all work I'd love to be doing, though! Thanks for answering!