Dec 11, 2008

You Asked. I Answered. Question 2.

The Shabby Princess: Are you nervous at all about going back to school to get your PhD? I'd be scared to death! I have a really hard time managing family, friends, life and being a wife--how do you do it all?
I am terrified!  I have no idea if I even remember how to be a student.  But we'll find out soon.  I think the part that makes it better is knowing that I can't go back to my old job.  I can't work 100-120 hours every week and so I need to find something else I love to do.  I really want to be a professor and think I'll be great at it - so school is a must!  As to how I do it all - I don't!  I do what I have to do to get by.  This week I am hosting a big Christmas party and so I've been cleaning and making cookies - which means we ate out last night.  I am a very organized person and so my house always looks really clean - unless you turn on bright lights and then the dust bunnies show themselves.  When I was working, I did nothing.  We had a cleaning service.  Our dry cleaning got dropped off and picked up.  People did my laundry for me.  (eeewww.  someone washed my unmentionables for me!)  I made dinner sometimes.  We ate out or got take out a lot.  When I did cook, it was because we had hired a PA to deliver groceries or Casey got off work in time to go.  Life was insane.  Now I am much more relaxed  - and much more domesticated!  I probably won't be making pies from scratch after school starts, and that's okay.  You just need to do as much as works for you.  And if that is using premade dough or even putting store bought cookies on a pretty plate - then that's okay!

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  1. 100 hours/week is 14.5 hours, seven days a week! You must have been pretty crazed - that is a lot of hours to keep up consistently!

  2. There were weeks I would do 80 but I pretty consistently got to 100 and 2-3 weeks a quarter would get as high as 120. I was at the office no later than 6:15 every day and many days got there as early as 5:00. On an early day I left at 8:00. I normally stayed until at least 9:00 and occasionally stayed as late as 1:00. I left early on Thursdays (when I could) so that I could watch Grey's with friends. We normally started Grey's around 9:30. I was luckier than a lot in my business because I was at least able to work from home on Saturdays and Sundays. On the days I left before 9:00, I would need to log in from home around 10:30 to make sure the publishers and editors got our reports out correctly and on time and check to see what other analysts had put out. It was ridiculously crazy and I have no idea how people can keep that up and have any sort of healthy relationships.

  3. I have a question for you. What was your job that had you working such long hours? Also, what are your first 2 degrees in?

  4. That is crazy. Crazy!!! Someone doing your laundry--that's when you know you're busy! I won't lie, sometimes I wish I had a big important job where I got paid good money, but, I am certainly glad that I can wash my own unmentionables!! That is so exciting that you want to be a professor, I'm sure you'll be an amazing professor!!