Dec 12, 2008

You Asked. I Answered. Question 12.

New Girl on Post: What's your favorite hobby?
Blogging!  I love coming back into my little office and checking in with all of you girls.  Even on days that I don't comment (normally because I'm in a hurry) I treasure the time I spend catching up with each of you.  
Shopping!  I spend a lot of time with my family and frequently find myself running errands with my mom and sister during the day.  My sister loves it because it is help with her rugrats, my mom loves the company, and I just love it!  It is incredible how much fun a trip to Costco or Sam's can be when you do it together.
Reading!  I love to read.  Before bed, Saturday morning cuddled next to Casey before he wakes up, the random afternoon when I'm not busy.  I love losing myself in a book and I am constantly starting new ones.  
Designing!  I wish I could figure out a way to make it pay money because I really love making cards and invitations for people.  I've done a few save the dates, a lot of Christmas Cards, and one baby announcement.  So far I've done them all free for friends, but if I could figure out how to actually make money doing it, I would.  The problem is they cost so darn much to print!

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  1. get them printed at costco. I use a 5x7 format. It is relatively cheap if you do it that way. Then just buy 5x7 invitation envelopes at walmart. (50 for $4.99) Then you can sell them for 70 cents to a dollar each, and make some profit still, but not be too overpriced. =)