Dec 11, 2008

You Asked. I Answered. Question 1.

KLC: I see you got married rather young... were you the first of your friends to get married? Did any of your friendships change?
We did get married fairly young.  I was 21 and 4 months out of college.  We knew one other couple who was engaged but we didn't have any married friends at all.  We still have very few married friends (Mrs. Mojito is one of two close friends to be married!)  We had been dating for so long that most of our friends knew us as a couple and our closest friends were mutual.  We aren't one of those gross make out in public couples, which I think has helped our ability to keep all of our single friends.  My best friend is engaged and will be married this August - but sadly she won't be a "couple friend" because she will be staying in West Texas with his family.  Casey's best friends is gay and unless Texas changes its laws he won't be getting married any time soon.  We wish we knew more married couples (any married couples....) that we could hang out with, but we have a really great group of friends.  And we forgive them their singleness.  I do worry a lot that in a few years when we have kids (and our friends are still single) we'll lose them all because we won't be up for bars or brunch anymore.  But we will have to cross that bridge when we get there.

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  1. I got married young too! But, I was still in college.
    Um, helloooo, married people, helloooo, I'm married.... I live like 5 minutes from you, helllooo.... :)