Dec 10, 2008

Yo-Yos Are Not My Friend

If you watched your child throw a yoyo at someone in Target causing their feet to get all tangled in the string and leaving them sprawled all over the floor surrounded by the pieces of what used to be a cake stand would you:

a. Walk away as quickly as possible and hope your child follows
b. Apologize and help them up
c. Point and laugh
d. Yell at your child for misbehaving

I see that you are having trouble choosing between a, c, and d. Don’t worry – the mother didn’t have any doubts at all. She chose A quite quickly. Leaving me to explain to the Target folks why I was on the ground surrounded by glass.


  1. Oh no. I hope you are ok!!! I remember reading almost the exact same post on Make Mine a Mojito's this where you got this idea?

  2. Oh my! She didn't help you up or apologize or even discipline her kid! I can't believe it! I hope you are okay, and I hope you were able to find another cake stand. If you ever see her again in Target, you should accidentally run over her with your shopping cart! :)

  3. dude did she seriously do that???? that is awful!! this kind of thing happens to me all the time..the worst was when i was at 24 hour fitness...i literally fell off the treadmill and NO ONE stopped to see if I was ok...i couldn't believe it!

  4. YOU have GOT to be kidding!!!!!

    That's completely uncalled for. I would have gotten myself quickly up and chased her down, only to explain how horrible it is not to take responsibility for your(herchild's) actions!

    I hope you are ok sweet pea!

  5. OH HELL NO!!! Did you find her and slap her for not teaching her child right from wrong. I can't believe the nerve of some parents. I 100% assure you that if Ellie were to do anything as ridiculous as that she would have had a spanking right in the middle of Target. I'm glad you are okay though. {HUGS}

  6. I am appalled at the way many parents are raising their children today. This is an example of someone who clearly should not have a child.

    Hope you are OK!

  7. Terrible! I hope you're okay. That woman should have definitely helped you up.

  8. How horrible of her! I'm so sorry and I hope you are ok!

  9. That is NUTS! I would have died from embarassment if my girls had done that to someone! Are you okay?