Dec 9, 2008

Merry Christmas Cards

Today I walked out to mail box and had an incredible surprise - my first two Christmas cards arrived!  

I proudly put them on my display and can't wait to watch it fill up over the next weeks.

I love getting Christmas cards in the mail - and while I love cards of all kinds, my favorites are the ones that let me know what has been going on over the past year.  Photo cards and annual Christmas cards do that best - but they also seem like the type of thing you do when you have kids.  So, our first Christmas, I wrote a Christmas poem and designed a Christmas card in powerpoint.  I've gotten a bit fancier (now I use photoshop) but I still love designing our Christmas card and sharing a bit of our lives with family and friends and across the country who we don't get to see as often as we would like.  I put our Christmas cards in the mail today so I feel comfortable sharing them with you.  Yay!  

Below you can see the card I designed and the poem I wrote to mail.  I ordered them from VistaPrint (thanks for the suggestion Nina!) and they look incredible!  They are the over sized postcards (6x9) and the colors look really bright and clean.  I am thrilled with how this years card turned out!

Click on the links to see a larger version.



  1. Super cute!! You did an awesome job!!

  2. What a cute card! Very creative. And thanks for putting me on your blog roll...if I ever get around to updating mine I'll be sure to add you as well. I always love visiting here.

  3. Great job! Very creative. Makes my " Merry Christmas! Love - Jess & Trey " seem pretty lame! Ha!

  4. How cute! I love it. You're so creative!!

    PS. I tagged you :)

  5. How cute! I still have to find time and convince hubby to stop studying so we can take a picture for our card!