Dec 22, 2008

I'm Not Dead.

Just swamped!  It isn't truly Christmas until you have that string of days when you don't have time to potty let alone blog!  So let's recap my last 9 days since I blogged last!

December 13th - We had our 7th annual Christmas party with our college friends.  It was at our house this year, and I'd say it was a success!  My house looked gorgeous, all the food turned out great and we had a fantastic time!  I have tons of pictures that I promise to post this week.  

December 14th - Thomas (a friend from college who now lives is LA) had to leave :(  It was so great having him here for a few days!  We did a big group lunch as a farewell.  After lunch, Casey and I hit up a toy shop to try and get a few more neices and nephews taken care of.

December 15th - Defensive driving.  Pity me.  I deserve it.

December 16th - Okay, well I have no excuse for not blogging (or at least reading your blogs) on the 16th.  It was cold and snowing (!!! snow!! in Texas!!) and so I spent the entire day curled up in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot tea and a book.  I finished American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield and it was so so good!  You should all pick up this book!

December 17th - Megan (neice age 4) had her Christmas show in the morning so I drove up to McKinney to see her.  After her show, I did some shopping and had lunch with my BFF from high school.  It was great catching up!  

December 18th - Ryan (nephew age 2) had his Christmas show in the morning, so I was back in McKinney.  After the show, my Mom and I went through photos to make some choices for the family calendar.

December 19th - McKinley (neice age 4) had her Christmas show in the morning so I drove down to Midlothian to see her.  After the show, my Mom and I went to Northpark.  She hadn't realized there was a difference between abercrombie and abercrombie and fitch and had bought gifts at the wrong one.  Oops!

December 20th - Christmas errands with my husband in the morning and then I helped my mom babysit my sisters kids in the evening.  She wanted to take them to the Trains at Northpark - but thats a big undertaking for one woman so I went with her.  I had to hold Ryan through the whole exhibit because he couldn't see over the rails, but the joy of a two year old surrounded by trains (one that looked like Thomas!) was worth it!

December 21st - Casey and I went our in search of our Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas morning.  I couldn't believe the number of places that were sold out (or at least sold out of our sizes!)  It was crazy!

So there you have it - my last few days in a nutshell!


  1. Glad to hear you are still alive :) Mr. Engineer survived finals, and now we are off to visit family. Have a merry Christmas!!!

  2. I feel ya on the Christmas pajama drama! It took me forever to find Christmas jammies and involved some online ordering, returning and trekking to 2 different Target stores. Yikes.

    I hope that even if things were crazy and you were able to enjoy your holiday party.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!