Dec 8, 2008

I love Craigslist!

I really love to look at Craiglist. I have a serious thing for garage sales, consignment shops, goodwill shopping, antique stores etc and Craigslist is a great big garage sale that I can shop in my trashy sweatpants before I even bother to brush my hair. It is truly heaven.

I spend a lot of time laughing at the things people post, shocked at the great prices, or really amused at the ridiculously high list prices. I don't actually buy things.

Until last week.

When we moved into the new house, our bedroom TV somehow stopped working. Casey had all sorts of fun taking it apart and using his soldering iron to try and fix it - but it didn't work. We ended up putting an old 19" TV in the bedroom. Did I mention I'm blind without contacts or glasses? Actually I'm not even as bad as Casey who is LEGALLY blind without his contacts in! 19" is no good!

Well last week I saw a 36" Sony Trinitron Flat Screen TV for $65. And so we bought it. Yay! Last night I sat and watched Private Practice in bed and it was glorious!


  1. 65 DOLLARS!!! what a deal ... maybe I should start perusing Craiglist. I love looking on the missed connections ... those crack me up!

  2. WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL! So jealous! We have a 19 inch and are looking for a new TV, but couldn't find one for less than $500!

  3. i LOVE me some craigslist!!!

    i've gotten my hutch (refurbed it), and some other fun stuff!

    I love to sell on it too!

    {Congrats} on the super sweet TV!

  4. What a deal :) That's awesome! i love looking to but have never bought anything!

  5. Wow! I haven't been to that website yet, but seeing as how I haven't even STARTED Christmas shopping and how things are going financially, looks like I'll be checking it out!

  6. GREAT FIND! I too love Craigslist! In fact we posted my dining room chairs and table that were in the garage this morning and sold them this evening!! I was pumped!!